Monday, November 29, 2010

Travelling down Hair? Lane...

Ok this post is dedicated to one of my closest and longest friend and my personal Hair dresser Vicki Lin!

I have known Vicki since 2006 so we have been friends for 5 years now (and counting), so I’m proud to say that I have been there from the beginning when she first started out her hairdressing career! And ever since then, I have been changing my hair constantly (poor hair) and people at work always wonder why I always change my hair colour and style etc.. well here is why..

I remember when Vicki first started out at Top Image I was her guinea pig and she took me in to her first day at work and basically the boss Andrew showed her how to cut hair with my hair -.-; lol...
But it was as if she was born to be a hairdresser, she have this natural talent and learnt very fast and soon became one of Andrew’s fav employees

Over the years I have intro a lot of my friends to get their hair cut with her and they all love her and intro all their friends to her too! 

Now 5 years later she has really come a long way! She is a fully qualified hairdresser working at Studio 199 in Northbridge and has entered in numerous hairdressing competitions and won a lot of prizes and trophies and awards! I’m proud to say I was her hair model 3 times and won her first place the first time!

OK so following are basically photos of how my hair evolved over the past 3-4 years ever since Vicki started out her hairdressing career

Ok so this was one of my first hair styles.. just some normal dark brown hair.. this was in 2007

Ok this is my favourite hair style of all time Feb 2008 - Aug 2008! And this is the hair style that won first prize hehe! I didnt want to post up any photos from the hair comp day because I looked so shit cos i totalled my car and my eyes are all puffy from crying @.@;; Anyway you can't really see from this photo but it had like blonde streaks and all these other coloured streaks through it and it was layered and very thin! Loved it!

And this is the national hair comp Aug 2008 and she was going for the ganguro look, whole head was bleached >.< and whole body spray tanned!

Ok so that was obviously too much for work so after the hair comp I dyed my hair to a very light brown and cut off the dry bits at the end so it became medium length and I end up looking like a little kid @.@

Nov 2008 - March 2009
So then i went in to dye my regrowth and so on.. and for some reason.. my hair turned out blonde because of the bleach underneath it was very hard.. so I was like oh what the heck.. chop it all off I will have something totally different then! So here is my blonde short hair.. 

So anyway I got sick of all the 'Asian blonde jokes' and also bleaching your hair too much is not cool... your scalp hurts like hell!! So i changed my hair back to brown and put in some temp extensions cos I missed my long hair so damn much

March 2009 - July 2010
My hair took sooo long to grow out and every time I dye my hair some darkish brown colour it kept washing out to a light brown colour because I had bleach underneath so that's why everyone kept thinking I change my hair colour ALL the time but in actual fact I only dye it every 3-4 months! 

Side fringe
As you can see, I basically had the same fringe for the past couple of years but I went on holiday in June/July 2010 so my fringe grew out and I left it for a while because Vicki was going to use me as her model for her hair comp and wanted to keep my long fringe so she can do this to it...

 I know the style is so not me right? haha But normally it actually look like this...

Is kind of reddish brown with red streaks through it, it was actually dark purple and washed out to a red and then pink ahaha!

OK guys I'm late for work so I'm going to wrap it up for now!!!

Here is the details on how to find my awesome hairdresser and best friend if you are lucky enough to live in Perth

Vicki Lin
Studio 199 - 4/199 Bulwer st Northbridge 6000
9228 1110

So when you book make sure you book for Vicki Lin
She works Monday, Wednesday - Saturday

Omg.. took me 40 minutes to write this post! I'm so late >.< No time to proof read this so excuse me if I have any typos or misspelt words etc.. >.<



To Blog or not to Blog..

I've thought about starting a blog for a long time but every time the thought crossed my mind I would then think...nah no point because..

1. My life is boring.. I will have nothing to blog about
2. I'm too lazy... I prob won't blog for long anyway
3. I don't have enough time to blog

and so on..

So why do I decide to finally give in and start a blog?

1. I realise I DO have things to blog about now
2. I have time now since I finished uni and have all the free time in the world! Til I start real full time work anyway haha
3. I have a laptop now so it makes blogging more convenient

But I still need a decent camera to take good quality photos cos my camera atm is pretty crap.. but it's ok, I'm planning to buy a new cam when I go HK in Feb 2011 so until then everyone will just have to put up with crappy quality photos unless I can be bothered photoshopping every single one of them @.@;

Anyway so what have I realised that I can blog about?

Well, since I've been travelling a lot I can blog about all my travels

But most importantly the aim of my blog is to tell you all about the awesome things I love in life such as

Make up, skin care and tips that I have picked up and can share with you all

ok i think by now all the guys are prob like omgg this is a girly blog not for me.. well I will also blog about urm.. interesting stuff that guys might be interested in? haha hmmz.. Like how to jailbreak your iPhone 101? haha

Anyway I think in the long run, this may turn into some advertising sounding/looking blog that look like 1000492348 other blogs out there.. but anyway I do hope that people that read my blog will learn something new and of course be entertained and enjoy reading my blog and keep coming back!

So here is just some random photos so that my first post is not ALL text in other words.. please excuse the camwhoring! ^.^;

trying on new wig.. looks black but suppose to be brown -.-;

New DollyWink eyelashes, my Samantha Thavasa Make up case and JillStuart Eyeshadow!

DollyWink no. 4 Feminine Style, haven't used it yet, going to use it this weekend!

Dollywink Eyelash Glue and CandyDoll Lip Concealer

Fav Jap fashion mag = Popteen ^_^

Trying on wig no.2

Alannah Hill Fuzzy Beret, haven't had a chance to wear it yet and summer is already coming -.- fml!

Shu Uemura from my latest shopping trip!

The photos are not photoshopped cos I cbf and fyi I'm wearing Dollywink no. 3 for top eyelashes and Dollywink no. 5 + 6 for bottom, more on that in later blogs!

Yes i will blog about all those things in my photos later individually! Here and some things on my to blog list:

  • Top 10 things punters do to piss off a croupier
  • 5 sure signs to spot rich arrogant assholes
  • DollyWink and CandyDoll Product Review
  • Fake Eyelashes
  • Wearing a wig 101
  • Jailbreaking Iphone 101
If there's a certain topic you want me to post about asap please leave a comment and let me know!

so until next time~

jaa na~