Friday, February 11, 2011

I'll be back on 1st March!

Because I can't really go online during my holiday I wont be posting until I am back home which is the 1st March! But I promise there will be a lot of super interesting posts and pictures from my holidays!

So until then my blog will be on hiatus~~ but remeber to check back on the 1st March ok?

flying to Hong Kong tmr! yay super excited ^__^

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Packing for my trip~

Just finished everything that I need to do and just taking a rest and waiting to leave for airport so have time to quickly blog before I leave~!

I'm a last minute packer but this time I actually started quite early since I have time to take photos and even blog about it... usually I pack like an hour before I leave for the airport! 

This time I have to pack for both hot and cold weather.. hate it when I have to pack for cold weather because all the coats etc take up so much space in your luggage!

These are the winter clothes I'm taking~ pair of jeans, my Liz Lisa floral poncho and top~ (yay can finally wear it now and don't have to wait for winter in Aus which is June/July!) and my Pinky girls coat from Japan~

Skin care and toiletries~ SKII travel pack and Neogence (some Taiwan brand, got it as a freebie from SaSa so I want to try this brand on this trip.. apparently it's pretty good) travel pack, toothbrush kit (toothbrush from Korea haha because I forgot to pack one! and the box was freebies from korea too), compact comb (stole from a hotel lol) and some masks~

Because I did so much travelling last year I've acquired these travel size stuff to save myself luggage space yay!

 Bags that I'm going to bring on this trip~ azur damier in Eva and Galliera

First time taking my Galliera on holiday and that's the reason why I choose it this time.. also because I kinda neglected this bag for a while so I feel I should start using it again!

And I always take my Eva on holiday because it's an awesome bag to carry when you are shopping your ass off because you don't want to carry a huge hand bag when you are carrying so much shopping at the same time!

Also going to take my Alannah Hill beret and Burberry scarf because it's going to be cold!

Jewellery....Forever New bracelets, Pandora and Tiffany bracelet, Vivienne westwood necklace and my current fav Swarovski necklace, Two earrings from my shop.. if you like them you can have a look at the other similar flower earrings I currently have in stock

Last but not least..the ring that my bf got me for Christmas that I'm going to take back to Penang to get it resized~

Make up that I'm going to take.. yeh I know it looks like a lot right.. it probably is a much for all my mini sized stuff trying to save luggage space.. ORZ

But let's have a look at my mini/compact luggage saving solutions anyway!

Small bottles of perfume, floss, Shu Uemura's cleansing oils (I got them for free as samples ^^) and contact lenses solution

All the lashes I'm taking..I need all my dolly winks ok >.< And I'm going to buy more omg... but but lashes are small and light.. 

And that's how everything looks in my awesome pink Kate Hill luggage!

Here's some packing tips from me..

  • Mini/compact things will save you a lot of space in your luggage! So keep all your samples, or buy a set of travel pack skin care etc and use them on your holidays!
  • Make up remover - this time I'm using Shu's cleansing oils and make up wipes instead of the liquid ones where you need cotton pads so therefore you don't really need to pack cotton pads so one less thing to pack? (Actually cotton pads are not that heavy huh... But anyway you get free ones from hotels so you don't really need to pack them hehe)
  • DO NOT pack your valuables in your suitcase! Put them in your hand carry! My friend's suitcase got raided and some jewellery was gone last time we went to Singapore.. so yeh I know it's common sense but don't put any valuables in your suitcase!
  • Always have a pen in your handbag to fill out immigration slips etc
  • Make sure your phone/laptop is fully charged before you leave for the airport! Make sure you remember to pack your chargers! haha
  • I like to write a list of things I pack so I can check it when I'm packing my stuff to go home just to make sure I haven't left anything behind
Alright I'm going to stop now...I'm starting to sound like a naggy mum haha!

Going to rest a bit before heading for the airport!

Let's see how much my luggage weighs at the airport *fingers crossed*

Sigh sometimes it's so troublesome being a girl because you need so much stuff when you go on holiday...!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I ❤ Jill Stuart

I get sucked in by packagings BIG TIME cos I like pretty things =.=

So if there's a REALLY REALLY good foundation but the packaging is butt ugly I probably wouldn't buy it and I would end up buying a foundation that is not so good but with super ADORABLE packaging!

Anyway so I'm getting sucked back into Jill Stuart cos come on! Just look at their packaging! Need I explain more?  And it's perfect timing since I'm going to Hk/Tw soon and they don't sell JS in Perth...FOL maximum =(

I love Jill Stuart's packaging because it's sooo cute and princessy! Imaging if you have all these products on your make up table or bathroom or where ever you put your make up.. I mean just looking at them would make you feel so happy right? haha

So I've been doing my research because I don't want to go and end up getting talked into buying EVERYTHING so I got a firm list to keep myself from going out of control

I was actually proud of myself that I only bought 3 items from JS when I went to Japan and they were things I really wanted/needed

Ok anywayy here are some photos from the Spring 2011 Collection and also Valentine Love Collection

All photo credits goes to the official JS website


Don't tell me you are not getting sucked in already by these promo pics >.<

Valentine Love Collection~

 Ok and below are some items I have my eyes set on~

Blush Blossom 

Comes in 5 colours I actually just want the super adorable blush brush that comes with this blush.. I don't think you can buy the brush separately so yes.. that IS their strategy after all.. throw in a cute blush brush so you will end up buying this blush which you don't really need =__=

Haven't really decided what colour I want so I will decide when I play around with them in person =)

Makeup and Life blog did a lot of product reviews for JS which includes this blush so go check it out if you want more info on JS products~

Of course I will be doing my own reviews later when I buy these items and get a new camera

And that is the main reason I haven't done any make up reviews yet because I'm waiting for a nicer cam to provide you guys with better quality pics~

Ok next on the list is Lip Jewel lip gloss~

That's all the colours it comes in... I know I have 394395 lip glosses already if you have already seen my make up collection but yes I'm a sucker for lip glosses ok >.< esp since it's Jill Stuart! *gassp* look at the packaging! lol >.<

Next up is this compact mirror.. I got sucked in because of eki's post on this mirror and I was like yeh.. I totally need this mirror! So yep I'm going to get this mirror! >.<

Following item is a maybe... Because urmm I really don't need any more powders.. Because I already have an Anna Sui one (got sucked in by the packaging...), a Shu Uemura one (bought it so I can get the free make up bag =.=) and a Chanel one.. and I'm going to buy the Candy Doll mineral powder.. so hmmz..

But the packaging is so damn cute.. Let's just wait and see how persuasive the sales assistant is or how broke I am by the time I approach JS counter or if I win/lose money in Macau... so many maybes.. lol

JS perfume omgggg like I have no idea how it smells and I don't even like perfumes but omfg *gasp* at the bottle.. So again if it smells nice...

Anywayyy so if you live in a place that dont sell JS like me and got sucked in by my post (sorry guys) and want to buy some JS products I can get them for you!!

If you live in Perth I can pass them to you in person, if you live in Aus I can post the to you (provided that you pay for postage)

All prices are on the official website 

I charge a surcharge of 5-10 Aud per item since I have to carry it all the way bak to Perth for you and esp if you want the heavy stuff like foundation and what not

So if you would like anything please let me know before 11th Feb because I won't be online after that date and I have LIMITED spaces/weight in my luggage so yeh got to let me know asap ok? Because if I get too many orders then I will have to say no when I reach my limit because I am NOT going to bring back 100 JS foundation bottles ok? =___=

That goes for any other stuff you want me to get for you as well *prob not clothes due to size etc unless you are my good friend*

ok and thats all hope you enjoyed reading and hope you all got sucked in already by Jill Stuart's make up lol!

Monday, February 7, 2011

More Hair Pixx~ ^__^

Here some camwhore pics I took on Sat night before I left for the clubs so I can show off my new hair colour ^__^

However...I was SUPER frustrated that night because I was running late and I just can't get my make up right..

My falsies just wouldn't stick on right because my contact lenses was really dry and I kept putting in eye drops and that made the eyelash glue go runny and therefore my falsies wouldnt glue on properly =.=

arrrrgh I was so frustrated I almost didnt go out.. so yeh I only took a few pics and I wasn't happy with MOST of them =.=; FML =(

Anyway it turned out that my contact lenses was put on inside out!!! I found out this in the middle of clubbin cos my eyes was just really irritating me because it wouldn't sit in the center and kept going up!

I went to the toilet and took it out and thats when I realised that it was inside out... T___T After I put it back in the proper way I felt muchh better for the rest of the night thank god!

So here is an advice for you all..

If your contacts are really annoying you PLEASE check if you put it in inside out or not because it will save you a few hours of frustration T___T

my baby in the background lol!

see the three colours? Blonde/orange, pink/red/purple..

reddish brown as the base..

Showing off my new Popteen mags ^__^

and this is like the ONLY photo out of all the ones I took that I liked.. Maybe because I had a genuine smile on cos I'm holding my new Popteen mags  ❤❤❤ *love love*

ok now I have to go and clean up my whole house! So many things to do before I leave!! Gona be a busy day tmr~~ See if I will have time to squeeze in another post or two before I leave but I'll be blogging from Malaysia anyway hehe!

thanks all for now xx


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Popteen Feb 2011 Issue~

Since I am in Perth, Australia our seasons are pretty much opposite to the rest of the world so basically we can’t wear “this season’s” Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn clothes til 6 months later so it’s super hard to keep up with the latest fashion in Japan, HK and all the cool fashionable countries fol =___=

But hey at least we get 4 seasons! Feel so sorry for the tropical countries like msia sg etc.. cos they are missing out on Winter wear which I LOVE!

Anyway so here’s some highlights from the FEB 2011 issue of POPTEEN that I would like to share with you… (All translating credits are all mine! So if you would like to use all these info in your blog etc please credit me or link your post back to my blog thanks!)

Results from a survey of 500 Shibuya Gyarus to find out what are the hottest items this Winter!

Ranking no. 1 (115 votes)
Poncho! I love Liz lisa’s ponchos~ I can *tick* that off my list because I already have the Liz Lisa floral poncho~ But of course it doesn’t hurt to buy more ^__^

No.2 – Leg Warmer (78 votes) I have some leg warmers but they are all out of fashion, I want to get the big fluffffy leg warmers from the pic! Or boots with the fur and you can wear it two way =)

No. 3 – Monster Boots (73 votes) So I guess the japs love their legs all fluffy and warm and cute for winter! I’m not that hot for this item but if I see a really cute monster boots in hk/tw I might get tempted to buy it hee hee

No. 4 – Fox Tail (31 votes) Yepp def plan to get 2 or more I want a brown one and a pink/white one

No.5 –Ear muffs (17 votes) – again another item on my shopping list though I don’t think I will really be wearing it much… maybe when I go skiing in Melbourne =) So if I find a super cute and cheap one sure why not since it doesn’t take up much luggage space

No. 6 – Fur Coat (16 votes) OoOO I definitely want to get 1-2 nice fur coats! I have my eyes on a couple Liz Lisa fur coats but if I find good quality fur coats that is cheaper then I will buy those instead

No. 7 – knit cap (11 votes) – nope not really interested in this item

No. 8 – Russian hat (10 votes) – yesss I want oneee! Or two! I want a brown one and a cream one =)

No. 9 Knee high boots – (9 votes) - *tick! * Got one already in Japan but.. still havn’t found a nice occasion to wear it… it’s not very appropriate for clubbing because 1. Too hot, 2. Scared my feet will hurt.. And it’s way too dressy for just casual everyday outfits >.<

No. 10 – Muffle with ears (8 votes) – Omg it seems that all the GALs in this issue of popteen is wearing it (see pic below)! But I dunno… as daring as I am with my fashion I don’t really think I will dare to wear this outside.. way too cute >.<!

Other info in the surveys I found interesting are….

Fav Shop as of recent…

Liz Lisa! (why am I not surprised?)

“Outer”(Coat, jackets etc) that you bought this Winter

  1. Military coat  - it matches anything! (I'm going to look for one in HK/TW ^__^)
  2. Fur Coat - have I mentioned I'm going to buy one? I think about 10 million times already lol!
  3.  P (Preppy) coat

This winter’s most popular print
  1.  Leopard
  2.  Checkered
  3.  Nordic
I love all of those 3 prints! Def want to buy something in Nordic since I have anything in nordic...come to think of it I don't think I have any leopard or checkered clothes either! lol..


This Winter’s small items that you bought
  1. Beret 
  2. Ear muff
  3.  Russian Hat
Already got a beret~ and ear muffs and russian hat already on my shopping list yay ^__^

Btw the fur coat I want to get is something like this one~ I think the brown leopard ones are too much >.<

It seems that most of the high ranking items are already in my shopping list and wow I put together my shopping list before even looking at this issue of Popteen *feels super proud* =) Guess my taste is that of a typical gyaru >.<

Anywayyy for more scans from this issue of Popteen Feb 2011 please look at Eki's post she also translated all the most popular make up and eyelashes etc by the Gyarus in 2011 which I will also be mass buying in Hk and TW ^__^

Anyway hope you enjoyed reading this post~ It's still much better reading the mags in real life but for those who cant get ur hands on them I hope these info and pics will help =)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Hair for New Year! ❤

Went in to Studio 199 (the old Top Image now brought over by Michelle and Pak) to get my hair done today by of course my one and only hair dresser and close friend Vicki Lin (who else? lol) ~ I know it's bad luck to wash your hair on CNY but... I'll take my chances XD

So yeh if you read my previous entry you will know that I planned to get my hair like this...

But my hair is not THAT long but I want to dye those colours for my hair hehe

So I went in today at 11 (I was one hour late because I realise I left my wallet at home when I got there but luckily I don't live too far away lol)

It took 4 hours because there was a LOT of people today surprisingly, guess I'm not the only one that don't believe in these Chinese traditions

Reading my new Popteen mags from Vicki and Hanh ^__^ 

Excuse me blurring out my face because I have no make up on >__<;;

Final Product ~ ta-dah~ took this photo while driving home... Urm it was at a red light ok? I'm not THAT reckless ok? >.<

You can't really see from this photo but there's blonde and pink and purple underneath and the purple will fade out to a pink colour like in the mag when it washes out!

Will take more photos of my hair this Saturday when I'm going out... yes that's right to Metros which is *apparently* my second home =___= *which it's NOT*

So thank you sooo much Vicki babe for my awesome new hair~ Feel so bad because she was so busy she didn't even have time to eat lunch =( Pak was so worried that she's going to faint lol!

*p.s. photo was taken on Australia Day I was so lazy to post up any of the photos or do a blog entry about it.. haha oops!*

If you would like to book an appointment with Vicki please call...

Vicki Lin
Studio 199 - 4/199 Bulwer st Northbridge 6000
9228 1110

Make sure if you want Vicki to do your hair you have to book for her when you call up for appointment and they are suppper busy so MAKE SURE you have an appointment before going in because you will be waiting forever if you just do a walk in

Her days off are Wednesday and they don't open on Sunday~

For my next entry I will be blogging about the new issues of Popteen and JillStuart's 2011 Spring collection which I will be adding to my shopping list... I just ADORE JS's packaging... gets me sucked in sooo bad =(

Here's a preview....I want that cute blush brush sooo freaking bad =___=

So please look forward to that! Until then xx


Happy Chinese New Year 兔 (to) You~!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! It is the year of the Rabbit now!  Chinese New Year is super exciting and fun when you are spending it in an Asian country but it's the same thing every year here in boring ol' Perth. So anyway every year it's tradition that all my relatives in Perth gets together on CNY eve to have big chinese new year feast and watch the CNY show on the chinese channel on satellite TV. 

So just a quick post to share with you what we had for dinner!

My fav dishes...

urm... I forgot what this is called..I think it's pig trotter?

Didn't realise this pic was so blurry >.< Grilled fish of some sort.. Yum ^__^

Century Eggs and  卤蛋 dunno what that is in english..I think it's tea eggs or something like that..

Ok and my favvv dish of all~~ ta-dah~ abalone and chicken soup!! The chicken is fresh fresh chicken... because urm.. we buy the chicken from the farm and urm...XXX ourselves then cook it and make it into soup.. but it's super yummy cos the chicken is very tender >.< oops

Anywayyyy~~~ Hope everyone around the world esp in Asia is having great CNY celebrations! Hope I will catch some of the excitement when I go holidays on the 9th~ Cos the celebrations last for 14 days right? 

And I heard there's a LOT of sales in Hong Kong - Post CNY sales...YAYYY cant wait ^__^ 

And gambling in Macau would/should be exciting around that time too right? hahaha

So glad I got today and tomorrow off work! Going to do my hair tomorrow... I know it's bad luck to wash your hair on CNY day... But it's the only day I can do it before I go on hols..So I have no choice...I want to have pretty hair and take pretty photos on my hol...=( So in exchange for that I *might* (touchwood) have to sacrifice a year of good luck for nice hair fml  =___=

so will def post up photos of my new hair when it's done!