Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shopping list revised ~ Check Check and Check! Super long post

This is a super long post so please click on *read more* to see the full post!

Yay finally going to share with you all the MASS shopping I did in Hong Kong and Taipei

I ended up carrying like 50kg of stuff back home >.< My bf wasn't too pleased because he had to do all of the carrying lol! He referred to it as *moving house... again* -.-;;;

Well I'm proud to say I bought most of the stuff on my list!

Jill Stuart...whats on my shopping list...

and what I bought...

(Only the stuff in the middle is mine.. the smaller pile hehe)

Yay got the blush brushhh ^__^

Didn't end up buying the powder because 1. I have way too many powders, 2. The packaging doesn't look as nice in person

I did however get something that wasn't in my shopping list and that's the Jelly eye colour

I will be reviewing these products soon =)

btw I bought an extra Jill Stuart mirror... because I thought I lost mine -.-; Cos I had too much crap and it got lost in the luggage and when I came back I found it again.. so now I have an extra mirror lol!!! 

Anyway so I'll be selling it.. Brand New $30aud  comment if you are interested I'll be making a separate post about it later

Ok going through my HK and TW shopping list now..

So I end up buying the Olympus pen epl2 in HK

and of course got it blinged (in Taipei)!

I got a super good deal because the seller threw in extra battery, 8gig memory card, a tripod, a camera bag and screen protector

Also they make less money on the white one cos the cost is higher so a lot of shops are either sold out or don't bother to stock them at all!! (I went to like 4 diff shops and asked and all of them are either sold out or they don't stock them!)

So I'm suppper happy with my white epl2 and the price that I got it for ^__^

Next on the list is LIZ LISA!! I almost went bankrupt from buying Liz Lisa because I swear I spent like.. 1500-2000aud just on Liz Lisa OR Liz Lisa inspired clothes... -.-;

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loving my new nails~

Got my nails done today by my good friend Hannah ^__^

Left hand~ Really like this lighting

Right hand~

First time trying round/oval nails and I really like it =) Btw the orange is my new Dolly Wink nail polish~ It's a really pretty colour ^__^

Who am I going to find to do my nails when I move to Melbourne *cries*

Monday, March 28, 2011

Liz Lisa, Candy Doll and Juicy Shopping Haul~ ^__^

So I did some more online shopping after I came back from holiday... -.-; 

and here is what I bought~

3 Juicy Slippers~ I'm thinking of selling the pink one..

If you are interested please leave a comment in this post! It's size 36 and brand NEW! I'm selling for 20aud =)

Liz Lisa boots and ViVi Lena Fuji Shoes~

More Liz Lisa clothes, Liz Lisa nordic scarf~ and a rosebullet fuzzy white jumper

Will post photos of me wearing them later~

2 X Love Labo Masks, Eyemazing 003 and more Candy Doll!

Close up of Candy Doll~

Candy Doll Cheek colour in Carrot Orange and Strawberry Pink and Candy Doll Lip Gloss in Strawberry Milk! Plus orange Dolly Wink Nail polish ^__^

They were sold out of all this at the HK shop so I had to get them when I came back =(

Keep seeing all the models in Popteen and Popsister wear these adorable socks so I decided to get some too~

Here's a photo of Tsubasa wearing them ^__^ Cute right? >.<

And I will finish off this post with a camwhore photo of me from two days ago!

Wearing Bambi series in Grey~ ^__^

Will review all these products eventually~ If you want me to review something sooner please drop me a comment =)

Also I decided to open a Twitter account just to urm.. get to know the social network world a bit better =)

So feel free to follow me cos I feel kinda lonely haha..

Ok~ going to do my nails now ^__^ cyaa =)

Friday, March 25, 2011

For All iPhone Owners out there!

Just came across this site and just had to share it with you all because it's hilarious!!!

warning: a lot of profanity in the following pictures

If you have an iPhone or owned one you will know what is auto correct right? Has anything embarrassing like this ever happened to you?

For more.. you know where to go...

Hope you had a good laugh! Cos I did hahah!

My Graduation~

Last night I officially graduated from the University of Western Australia!

Yes that's right! UWA not Curtin ok? Man everyone assumes I either go to Curtin.. or Murdoch or tafe?!

Do I not look smart enough for UWA =( fml.. 

Uni felt like it went on forever! And do I miss it? Not really.. not yet anyway.. I was never fond of uni life and I hated assignments and exams! 

And now it's finally over! My school years are over and I'm about to begin a new chapter of my life and step into the adult world. Sounds kinda scary huh?

Well I'm a bit intimidated but mostly excited for the road ahead =)

So here's are some photos from my Graduation.. Note: no photos on facebook are repeated here =)

The tights that I worn that day, looks pretty how the sunlight hit my legs lol..

My Sister and I 

Love my uni campus =)

*Attempting* to look smart haha

Winthrop Hall were the Graduation ceremony was held

Me on stage! Shaking hands with the Pro-Chancellor

Warning: I look sleepy in most of my photos because I can't keep my eyes open with flash.. fml -.-

My best friend of 12 years and counting! We went to the same primary school, high school and university =)

Graduation present from my bestie~

It's a watch! I love it so much! Thank you ^__^

Most stupid question of the night: 
So you go to this campus..?
Well duh..
Oh.. cos I thought you went to Curtin
Why the hell would I be graduating from UWA then!?!?

Will not reveal who said that but hint: the person is in the photo below! hahaha

My family! I look so sleepy in this photo -.-; 


Van Van n me~

Love this photo and finally! My eyes are open! >.<

Personal Hair dresser and Nail artist =P

Haha yeh I got too lazy to caption =P

My fav picture from the night haha! Went for dinner after the Graduation~

Btw I'm wearing Liz Lisa~ Forgot to take a full body shot without my graduation gear =( Was too busy >.<

Make up of the day

Top eyelash: Dollywink no. 1 + no. 4
Bottom eyelash: Dollywink no. 5

Contact: Bambi series - Almond Brown

Candy Doll Powder
Nature Republic Foundation
Dior Eyeshadow 089 Smokey Crystal
Dolly wink liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner in black

Thanks for stopping by ^__^