Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hyper Crystal Grey~ Sponsored review ❤

This is a sponsored post for Cosme eyes cosmetic lenses. I have been purchasing lenses from Cosme eyes for 4-5years now! The owner Anna is super nice and soon became a good friend of mine and I have been selling lenses on her behalf in Perth! Cosme eyes is based in Brisbane, Australia. Please check out their facebook page for more info and to place an order ^__^

Please like their page for support ❤

She sent me their two newest product for me to review. Hyper crystal in grey and Hyper huge in pink which I will be reviewing later.

Hyper Size Crystal in Grey

DIA: 16.5mm
Available in

Ready stock: 0-500degree
0 degree only

Every lenses purchase comes with complimentary contact lenses case!

I can't stress enough the importance of contact lenses especially the ones with enlargement effects because they make a HUGE difference in your eyes! It's absolutely essential to achieve the gyaru make up style!

Look at the difference! Need I say more?

In natural light

With flash! 

I can't open my eyes in flash to save my life -.- So I will forever look sleepy or worse eyes closed in ALL photos with flash...fml maximum =( I had to take like 20++ photos with flash til my camera ran out of battery before I got a half decent photo with my eyes kind of open =(

Don't be intimidated by the 16.5mm diameter! As you can see, the lenses don't look freakishly big and they have really big enlargement effect!

These lenses are quite thin so they are really comfortable! Please be gentle when handling them though! Don't rub them too hard when you are cleaning them!

This is me staring directly into the light and the lenses made my eyes look super watery and nice! ❤❤

When you turn your eyes to the side you don't get those freaky white gaps you get with most large diameter lenses. It's hard to explain but contact lenses wearers should know what I'm talking about

Overall, I love these lenses! Love the colour and the 'crystal' pattern!

Under certain lighting (indoor or dull lighting), these lenses can look quite dark like the photos below so you still can get a really natural look out of them!

So here's some camwhore photos of me wearing Hyper Crystal in Grey!

Cosme eyes are having a introductory price of $55 aud for a limited time only for these lenses! However she just told me she's going to be on hiatus for 3 weeks from next Friday so if you want to get these soon you better order before next Friday or you might have to wait another month to get them (>__<)

To order just comment on their Facebook page

All her lenses are in stock so they will be posted out to you immediately! I've been wearing Hyper for years and years and I find them much more comfortable than the geo brands.

I'll be reviewing the Hyper Huge series in Pink soon! Until then~~ xx

Monday, April 25, 2011

Popteen May 2011 Issue snippets pic heavy!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are eating a lot of chocolates and relaxing and taking it easy =P

I'm definitely not going to post all 276 pages of Popteen's May issue here so what I'm going to do is post my fav pages from the issue and talk about it! Remember to click on read more!!

If you live in a place that cannot buy Popteen like me then you can download mag scans or go to to read it!

But seriously real magazines are soooo much better... The first thing I bought when I went to HK in Feb was the latest Popteen mag @.@ It's my gyaru bible!!

Tsubasa introducing her new base make up released on 8th April which I've blogged about HERE!

She looks so adorable and doll like (as usual) in the promo pics!

I love everything Kumicky wears! This is my fav outfit from the whole mag! I want high waisted shorts like this one so bad!!! And omg really want the shoes also! Plus the two waisted skirts are so cute!!!

I absolutely love mix and match sections in magazines! This issue features Mizukitty and Nana! Man I don't think I'll be able to do my hair put on make up and dress nicely every single day for more than a week and I will be like omg.. ok maybe 3 weeks because I do that when I go on holidays... 

So for all girls that can do this everyday (all the Shibuya gals etc) you have my respect seriously!! 

Love her style! Cute casual 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Girls Night out X 3 ❤

First of all I'd like to thank all my readers for following, commenting and entering my giveaway =) Gives me motivation to keep blogging ^__^ Also I've updated my wish list =P

Recently I signed up to the chinese version of twitter which I'm so addicted to

So if you have an account feel free to follow me ^__^

I update there really frequently.. I don't really use my twitter account much because none of my friends use twitter.. it's not very popular in least not in Perth anyway.. 

Going to post up a series of camwhoring pics with my friends that was taken over the month! Doesn't feel so vain when you are camwhoring in a group haha! I have numbered the photos so it's easier for commenting =)

#1 Introducing...Yuki, VanVan and Wen 

These shots were taken at Intercontinental Burswood Hotel room~ same series as the photos from this post!




#5 Wen have so many diff expressions! I look so boring..same expressions all the time >.<



#8 Love these full body shots (^.^)






#14 Photos taken in the toilet when we went for karaoke!


#16 Wearing our Liz Lisa 

#17 This photo was taken last night! Had a sleep over at my place and I practised doing make up on them as part of my assignment for my Make up course o(^__^)o

Evening Glamour, Natural Bride and urm teacher/pa? 

Hair by Wen
Make up and clothes and accessories by me!

#18 Full body shot!


#20 Friend attending wedding?

#21 Teacher telling off bad student lol!

#22 Change clothes/style time!

Cute, Classy and Bohemian 





#27 Wearing my Liz Lisa maxi and Wen wearing my maxi from Forever New

Coming up are contact lenses reviews for my friend/sponsor Cosme Eyes! Hope you all have a lovely long weekend, be safe!! 


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jill Stuart Limited Edition 102 Amazonite Dazzle swatch

That's right! Even I'm shocked at how fast I got this! Thank you so much Dom you are the best! ^__^

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes limited release for their Dreamy Garden Collection this April!

And the most sought after colour out of the two is this baby! 102 Amazonite Dazzle because it's very different and unique to the rest of the Jill Stuart eyeshadow range

I've seen a lot of information floating around on the internet about this but I haven't found anyone reviewing or doing swatches so that's why I'm posting this up asap hoping to be one of the first and hoping to persuade you into getting your hands on this baby before it's all gone! =P

Look at the adorable floral pattern on the box!

Love this limited edition case! Feels extra princessy!

Ta-dah~ 102 Amazonite Dazzle - Like most of the Jill Stuart eyeshadow range it's very sparkly! but the brown is matte!

I love the middle two colours, gives off a very amazon feel =)

Swatch~ This is only one swipe of the eyeshadow, even though I got a lot of colour onto my fingertips but didn't show up much on my arm

Went for 2 more swipes to build up to this colour

What I think so far:
I love the colours and the gorgeous JS scent that comes with all their products. However like all Jill Stuart's Jewel crystal eyes, they are very chalky and if you get a tissue and wipe at it very gently most of it comes off =.=  

So when using JS's eyeshadow you MUST prime your eyes so that the colour will last longer! But this is expected since I have their Jewel crystal eyes in another colour already.

I love this product just because of the limited edition-ness = adorable case (I totally get sucked in by packaging and limited edition-ness -.-) and the gorgeous colour palette =P

I will be using this eyeshadow next time I go out so I can post more pictures with it on!

How to get your hands on this product:
If you are not lucky enough like me to have friends going to HK to bring this product back to you like right NOW (since it's limited stock) then you will have to get a personal shopper to help you buy it! There's a lot of them floating around online, I can't recommend you any because I've never used any personal shoppers

Hope this was helpful~