Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Omg I havn't blogged for a whole week! First time I haven't blogged for that long! Just came back from Melbourne last night! Due to the wintery, wet and miserable weather in Aus I feel so lazyyy! Just want to stay in bed and watch series on my laptop =___=

This is going to a rambling & useless post so unless you are interested to read about my boring life you can just skip this part... actually you can skip the whole post altogether! Lol...

Those of you that follow my blog or is my friend probably know I was planning to move to Melb end of June this year.

Well after this horrible weekend in Melb I've officially changed my mind! I'm not moving to Melb anymore! However I don't plan to stay in Perth either...So I'm still going to leave but maybe I might go overseas either to Malaysia or China...(yet to be confirmed).

Anyway I don't know if it's because I'm super unlucky or what but just in 5 short days I met so many horrible and rude people in Melbourne!!! From waiters in restaurants to sales assistant in David Jones to the horrible taxi drivers to the girl at check in at the airport... omg...

Are Melbourne people generally this rude and horrible?!?! Last time I went to Melb I've never rode in a taxi or did much shopping etc I didn't really socialise with many people except my friends there and that time the people I met in the clubs were really nice and friendly but this time omg...wake up call much?

Furthermore two out of the three job interviews turned out to be full commission and the only job I actually wanted I don't think I got it..

How disappointing.. but I'm glad I found all this out before I actually decide to move all my stuff over and then regret it! Also because I spent most of the trip going to job interviews and clubbing at night and spent the next morning hung over I hardly did anything fun and stayed in my hotel resting and eating instant noodles and take away sushi..so I didn't have a great time either...even Sydney was more fun and I didn't even go clubbing in Sydney.

I didn't take much photos from this trip but here is my fav photo from my camera..not photoshopped cos I really cbb haha!

til next time~~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jill Stuart Eyelash Curler and FOTD

Hi all~ I've been quite busy lately so felt really lazy to blog haha >__< but I'll do a quick entry before I head off to Melbourne! I'm so excited! I have some job interviews lined up so *fingers crossed* and wish me luck!

I recently bought the Jill Stuart eyelash curler on eBay at super jacked up price =( I didn't buy it when I was in HK cos I still had my Shiseido one and then when I asked my friend to buy it for me when he bought the JS amazonite dazzle it was out of stock! Then I lost my Shiseido eyelash curler and I was thinking man.. now I *have* to buy one!  I was deciding between Shu Uemura or Jill Stuart and JS won in the end because again I got sucked in by the packaging and the good reviews! I think this year I'm on some kind of unhealthy JS obsession >__<

Don't know if you can see from the photos but it's a rose colour with an adorable bling hanging off it!

I think it works pretty well! This was taken after I came back from my makeup class three and a half hour later so. As you can see my eyelashes curled pretty well =) I used the Dolly Wink volume mascara and then a bit of Dolly wink long mascara on top of that. I'm wearing apple green in Bambi/Princess mimi

I hardly ever wear mascara by itself nowadays because you can't really see my lashes anyway because they are so short but I don't know if it's because of the eyelash curler or the mascara or the eyelash serum I've been using lately but I feel like my lashes look much longer than usual here! 

Here's a photo of my full face! I'm wearing my Napoleon makeup uniform =P

In conclusion: I think all Japanese brand eyelash curlers are good - Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Kose and Jill Stuart, esp for curling asian eyelashes. I've never tried Shu or Kose but they are both highly reviewed and recommended! So since they are all equally good then why not pick the one that is the prettiest and most unique in design?

And Jill Stuart wins again! In my books anyway =P

Some photos from Saturday night! My close friend and hair dresser~ Vicki ^__^ She came over to be my model so I did her makeup *feels proud* before we went out and she did my hair =)

Love my hair that night! I think my hair colour look better with curls =D
Make up used:

Lashes: Liz Lisa (top)
             Dolly wink no. 5 (bottom)
Eyeshadow: Jill Stuart Amazonite dazzle
Base: Jill Stuart liquid foundation
          YSL Touche eclat 08
          Candy Doll powder
Blush: Candy Doll Strawberry Pink & Carrot orange
Highlight: Candy Doll highlight
Contour: Nars laguna bronzer
Lips: YSL Lipstick no. 7
Lipgloss: Candy Doll Strawberry Milk
Lenses: Bambi apple green
Eyebrows: Bibo eyebrow pencil

I love using new stuff!! Most of the new make up I bought recently went on my face that night lol!

Body shot~ Love my hair! ^___^ Wearing my Liz Lisa 

Also bought the Napoleon Pro Palette concealer recently 

I mainly bought it so I can use it to put makeup for other people and it's cheaper than buying three different shades of concealer, plus I get 10% off Napoleon products at my school ^__^

When I have time (probably when I'm back from Melbourne) I will be blogging about my holy grail products! My friend just told me she can get all my gyaru make up and lashes sent over from Japan by her bf's parents so I'm sooo happy don't have to pay for over priced Jap makeup anymore!!

I have a whole list I wanna get! RMK foundations, jewerich and diamond lash and canmake products!! Damn you Popteen! >___< And I recently ordered MAC makeup brushes, lashes and primer...*gulp* I'm gonna be really broke soon... >___< 

So until next time! Melbourne here I come! Can't wait to wear all my fur and winter clothes I bought in Feb cos it's going to be freezing in Melbourne! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Nom Nom Nom Nom Sydney = Yummy city ^__^

OK guys, get your snacks on (uhh does that even make sense!? =.=) cos here is another picture heavy food post!!

The quality is not that great cos most of the photos are taken by my iPhone cos I don't really take my camera everywhere because it's so heavy. Plus it's more discreet when you are taking photos with your phone so no one is staring at you thinking..."omg.. she's one of those people that takes photos of their food and then post it on facebook/twitter going I'm eating this for dinner!" ORz

*awkward silence*

Anyway... on with the post... =D

Warning: The restaurant's I'm recommending in this post is not exactly price friendly >__<

I'm not a huge food person, more of a shopping person so every time I go on holiday I'm happy with eating whatever as long as I get my shopping done! Like my first trip to Japan I was sooo busy making the most of my 5 days in Tokyo shopping I just went to 7 Eleven and bought instant noodles and snacks for dinner cos I didn't even have time to eat because I was too busy shopping =____=

However because I hardly did any shopping in Sydne,y I spent most of my time eating! Lol!

First night in Sydney I went to some random chinese restaurant in Chinatown called Super bowl and the place looked like a very casual/cheap restaurant and then we sat down and looked at the menu we were like wtf??!?!

All the dishes was like almost 20aud and if you order vegetables it was like 16-17aud! Omgg.. crazy! And it didn't even taste that good either considering we didn't eat the whole day!

But the curry fish balls was good! It was better than the ones from Hong Kong!

tofu, mushroom, veggie and preserved veggie

I don't know the english name 梅菜扣肉

But we went back there the next morning for breakfast! Lol! Breakfast was really cheap though! This was all for under 20aud! It was nice to have traditional asian breakfast. In Perth, Chinatown restaurants only open at night -.-

Then we went and had nasi lemak and laksa at the Westfield shopping centre food court in the city. It's the place where they sell all the branded stuff like Chanel, LV, Gucci and so on. The food court is on the level where the entrance to Sydney tower is at so it's really easy to find!

The price is decent and tastes pretty decent!

Only picture of me eating in this trip hahaha

Then that night I met up with a friend from work that happened to be in Sydney at the same time and his friend took us to this AWESOME but expensive Japanese restaurant! I was kinda tipsy that night from too much wine and cocktails (cos I can't take my alcohol just sitting down and not moving around) so I completely failed to remember the name of this place =.=

Update: Toko Restaurant & Bar
490 crown street 
surry hills 
NSW australia 2010 

Toko was awesome! And they served the best cocktails!!!

Salmon sashimi! The wasabi was so good! lol

Omg I love edamame beans and these are the best I've ever had so far! It's mixed in this chilli paste with sesame oil and it tasted and smelled so good! I usually eat these just steamed but omg it tastes so good with this chilli paste thing and I ate most of it! hahaha!

Soft shell crab sushi wrapped in ginger! Best soft shell crab sushi I've ever had! >___< 

Pork Belly

Pork ribs!

The servings are super small but everything tastes so good! You have to try the lychee mojito and the fairy floss cocktail! SO good!

Then next day for lunch we went to Mamak in Chinatown which serves authentic malaysian cuisine. We decided to eat there because when we walked past there at dinner time the line was crazy long!! And this other time we walked past there it was about to open for dinner and there was a SUPER LONG queue outside already!! Crazy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sydney in a Nutshell~

Just uploaded all the photos from the Sydney trip from my phone and camera to my laptop so decided to post a short but sweet entry and call it a day =P

Start off with two touristy photos that says "HA! Proof I've been to Sydney! (>.<")"

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

It's not that great but it's probably really nice at night.. But I didn't bother go check it out at night time.. too cold -.-!!

 Rilakkuma isle at Kinokuniya!

where I bought the latest issues of Popteen and Scawaii and Rilakkuma earphones! 

My dog chewed up my Rila earphones that I bought in Japan AND my iphone earphones... So I bought this one.. can you believe that it's 65aud? Super rip off but I totally need this! *rational thinking* Also bought an adorable Rilakkuma mug for my bestie who also loves Rilakkuma ^__^ I mean who doesnt?! 

Didn't photoshop this photo so you can see the bags under my eyes >.< eww! This is where I tried the carrot orange & strawberry pink candy doll blush mixed together for that really nice peachy blush colour ^__^

Outfit shot! With my new Burberry scarf! Remember I lost mine in Hong Kong in Feb which I was so upset about!! But my darling bought me a new one in Milan for our 3 year anniversary in April! 

Food was really good in Sydney! That was my favourite part in Sydney since I didn't do much shopping

And my purchase at the YSL counter at Myers on the last day which I will be blogging about! 

Touche Eclat in no. 8 - Apparently this is a new colour for asian skin tone! 

Will be mainly using this as a highlighter but I think it works pretty well at concealing eye bags

A lot of reviews say this doesn't work really well as a concealer but I used it today and I think it's quite good!

And omg my new favourite lipstick!!! I saw this lipstick in the new issue of Popteen and it's a fav amongst all the Popteen models and I went and bought it the next day =.= Do I get sucked in by advertisement or what? 

But it's sooo worth it!!!

Will definitely do a review on these two babies later!

That's it for now! Will do a proper blog post on Sydney later focusing on where to eat mainly cos that was the highlight of my trip! HAHAH

Going to Melbourne next week! Can't wait ^___^!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giveaway closed! and the winner is....

Thank you everyone for participating in my giveaway! 

And the winner is......

no. 23! Wendiie!

I've emailed you already! Hope you get back to me soon or I will have to pick another winner =P

It has been really fun and I think I'm going to do another giveaway soon ^__^



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm in Sydney~ Quick post! Canmake + Cosmagic blushes

Hey everyone! I'm blogging from Sydney, Australia! Just doing a quick post and then I probably won't be posting anymore til I get back which is on the 14th which is the date my giveaway ends!

So this will be the last reminder for everyone! 4 days left! And I'll be announcing the winner this Sunday!

So far there's around 50 entries so if you enter now with max entries which is 5 then you have a pretty good chance of winning =P

For more details of my giveaway click here!

I don't really travel around Australia much because it cost the same for me to fly from Perth to Sydney, Melbourne or any of the East coast cities or if I fly to Singapore, Malaysia etc. So I much prefer to go overseas! Especially since everything is cheaper and shopping is better!

So it felt pretty weird leaving for the airport without my passport or large amounts of cash on me haha!

There's no photos from my trip cos I'm lazy to upload them to my comp and I didn't take much photos anyway because it feels funny taking photos and looking like a tourist in my own country.. wait.. but I am a tourist still! Hahaha!

Anyway I didn't do much on the first day because I spent most of the day sleeping but I did have dinner in China town and looked around a bit and then went to Star City

China town was pretty big! I felt like I was in... Singapore or even Hong Kong! There's chinese billboards and asians everywhere lol!

Anyway I looked at some shops with asian clothes and they were ridiculously priced 100+aud for one item (same as Melbourne) so I don't think I will do much shopping here in Sydney.

I came across this pretty big shop with a LOT of Gyaru make up and imported Japanese make up and skin care and also a lot of items from Queens (女人我最大).

There's Tsubaki, Kanebo even Jill Stuart! And of course Dolly Wink, Eyemazing and even cosmagic and Melliesh! However most of the stuff had no price tags and the items I did ask about was crazy expensive! For example one 220mil bottle of Tsubaki Shampoo is 15 aud!! That's crazy! They only sell it for 45hkd in HK -.-; And of course even cheaper in Japan

15aud vs 6-7aud.. that's double the price!

And the canmake powder cheek had the price tag and omg.. it was 19aud!!! That's insane because they sell for around 550yen in Japan @___@

So of course I didn't bother to ask what the rest of the stuff costs and left =.=

But yeh I'm really considering getting canmake powder cheek and cream cheek and I'm getting really sucked into Cosmagic's blush which is endorsed by Kumicky. Look at the adorable packaging! >__< I always get sucked in by packaging =(

I mean do I really need that many blushes..?! Plus there's 10 different shade each for powder cheek and cream cheek so I can't decide at all which shades I should buy =( But the packaging of cosmagic and cream cheek really gets me sucked in =( What do you think guys? Anyone used these products? Any recommendations?

I really want to buy a peachy colour but then today I mixed Candy Doll blush in Carrot orange and Strawberry pink and guess what? I got that perfect peach colour I wanted (Will blog about it later to show you guys)! So now I'm thinking umm should I even buy these? And it's really hard to pick the right blush colours if you don't try it on yourself first.

 Here's a photo of me from Saturday night before going out, too lazy to photoshop the photo =P My hair doesn't look that red in this photo huh?

Thanks for reading all my boring rant! Til next time~

Sunday, May 8, 2011

SALE Post! Jill Stuart, Maquillage, Etude House

I'm going to do a proper sale post on some items I have for sale.

Jill Stuart Pocket Mirror


On my last day in HK because I had too much luggage I couldn't find my JS mirror so I freaked out and went down to Langham Palace and bought another one just in case >___<
Then I found my JS mirror when I came home and unpacked my luggages -.-

In conclusion I have a spare Jill Stuart mirror for sale! Brand new of course!

This is a picture of my JS Mirror

Comes with cute pouch with the letter J for Jill Stuart in crystals

Love this mirror! It's so princessy and you can only buy it at Jill Stuart counters in HK, TW or Japan

Maquillage compact foundation case


Note I am only selling the case which comes with a sponge but no compact foundation

This case will fit all Maquillage, Majorlica and Shiseido compact foundations

The reason I am selling this is because my friend bought the wrong case for me in HK and my bf ended up buying the right one for me in Malaysia so I don't need that many foundation cases lol!

Again I'm pretty sure you can only buy this in Asian countries

This is my friend's who got the same one so I took a photo of hers to show you what it looks like without the packaging

Etude House BB Cream

My friend brought these back for me from Korea but I got another bottle so this is the extra one.

BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes,
corrects skin complexion and protects against sun damage.

Contains skin soothing and nourishing Aloe Vera, Chamomile,
Madecassol and Centella Asiatica
Promotes flawless complexion with natural ‘No Makeup Look’

It's a really good for everyday natural look. And Etude House is my favourite make up brand in Korea! Totally recommend this and all my friends love it when I recommend this bb cream to them =)

Etude House BB Cream - Sheer Glowing Skin


Etude House BB magic cream - Refreshing


Black shoes from Novo

Bought it for 60aud for work but didn't end up wearing it. It's brand new,  size 6


It's really comfortable, great business/work shoes!

Charlotte Russe Black lace shoes

Size 37 Bought this in USA, worn it once, really good condition


Just leave a comment with your email and what item you are interested to buy

International buyers can pay via Paypal 

Australia buyers can pay via Bank transfer or Paypal

For other items I'm selling just click on L1 Sakura Dreams on the right hand menu!

Thanks for stopping by!