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I ❤ Dolly Wink part 2

This is going to be a pretty time consuming post so I've been kind of putting it off due to laziness but finally here it is!! Part II!! So this is basically a detailed review of the entire Dolly Wink eyelash series! I'll be talking about each of the styles, photos of me wearing it (made them extra large so you can see the lashes at work) and what's my favourite styles and what I would recommend for first time Dolly Wink users ^__^

General information and tips on Dolly Wink lashes

Dolly Wink lashes tend to be longer than most lashes out there, not the length of the actual lashes but length of the lash strip. However I definitely would advice NOT to cut them. They are suppose to make your eyes look bigger and you are suppose to purposely wear them past the natural length of your eyes to achieve the big folly eye look. If you have really small eyes or you don't like this look then I don't recommend these lashes for you.

Dolly tip: Draw your eyeliner wing longer so these “long” lashes will look more natural.

When first wearing the lashes, wrap the lashes around your finger to set the shape for easier application.

Every Dolly Wink lash comes with this message 

Every girl can become a doll! For the girl who wants to be "Otona Cawaii" (Adult-cute which translates into ageless-cute), it's a present from Tsubasa ❤

I think that is sooo sweet!! And so true for what Dolly Wink lashes stand for - to make you become a doll!! I think it's targeted for girls between 20-30 and still wants to be cute but not teeny-booper cute and these lashes will give you that otona-kawaii look ❤

No. 1 Dolly Sweet

No.1 actually looks quite natural on the eyes! I wear no.1 to occasions like going shopping, going out on a date or having dinner with the girls. It makes your eyes really pop in photos without giving a heavy makeup/exaggerated eyes look. 

From the diagram, Tsubasa suggests to first attach the lash on the centre then secure both ends. It’s really important you are generous with the glue on the ends, especially the inner corner ends because that part tends to flip up the easiest!

Here are some photos of me wearing no.1!

Out shopping in Taipei

Going out with the girls - Not wearing any lower lashes, so it looks quite natural

And a more recent photo of my wearing no. 1, going out for Karaoke

No. 2 Sweet Girly

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Laura Mercier purchases, Napoleon night and snippets of my life ❤

First of all I changed the links on the sidebar so the Twitter logo actually links to my twitter account again and I got a separate logo to link to my Weibo account. I don't really update on twitter because none of my friends use twitter but I'm really hoping to use it now to interact more with my readers. So if you want to talk to me or ask me anything please follow me on twitter and I'll follow you back ^__^ However I update more often on Weibo because I use it mainly to keep in touch with all my friends in China since they can't use Facebook T__T

Before I post up part II of Dolly Wink I'll just do a quick entry on what's going on with my life! There's quite a lot of updates and I'm just going to combine it all in this one entry and then I'll continue on with other stuff I'm suppose to be blogging about =P

So I was doing my research on a tinted moisturiser and everyone was saying Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser was sooo good so I decided to check it out!

The national Laura Mercier makeup artist was coming in and I can book a time with him where he does my makeup and help colour match me and see what eyeshadows will look best on me etc. It was a $45 booking fee which I can redeem for Laura Mercier products at the end.

Well I was thinking that sounds ok since I was planning to get the tinted moisturiser anyway and at the same time I can meet the national makeup artist and talk to him/her and get some makeup tips.

BOY!! Did I feel cheated or what after the session!! But that's going to be a long post so I will leave that for a separate entry! I didn't read the fine print so I actually had to buy two products instead of just one! Also I didn't want the tinted moisturiser anymore because after using the sample I found it was really oily! It leaves your fingers really oily and you have to go wash your hands after so then what's the difference if I just applied bb cream instead? 

So this is what I ended up buying from Laura Mercier...

Their famous silk creme foundation in ivory beige which is suppose to give good coverage

and their limited edition eye and cheek palette

I quite like the palace pink, it's a highlighter and it gives off a subtle gold shimmer

I'll be reviewing and swatching these another time

More new items... I went to Harbour Town which is an outlet shopping centre with my friend. I rarely go to outlet stores because I never find anything my size and I just don't like outlet stores because I feel it's like digging through a pile of dirt for gold. So I was super happy when I found these shorts at Forever New!

Can't believe they had my size! And I've been looking for these waisted shorts in this colour for ages!! I was sooo happy! It was $120aud because it was real leather shorts discounted to $80. Then they had a buy one get 2nd sale item for free! So my friend and I basically combined our purchase and in the end these shorts only costed me $45~~ I was sooo happy ^___^

Also got these socks at buy one get one free... so they end up costing me only $3.50!

I'm super obsessed with "cute socks with shoes" look! In conclusion I was really happy with my find that day! So happy when you get something really good for such a big discount ^__^

I also went to Napoleon night which is a Napoleon workshop hosted by my makeup academy. 

The girl on the left was trained by Napoleon himself and is one of the main makeup artists for Napoleon Australia. The woman in the middle is the state manager of Napoleon and the woman on the right is my makeup lecturer! They both did a full face makeup and the state manager talked about each product in more detail and gave us a lot of makeup tips. I'll be blogging about that as well in another entry ^__^

I have my eyes on the shimmer dust! The colours are so pretty and it's super pigmented and comes in a new packaging! *gasp* Also have my eyes on the new Shu Uemura concealer!! Omg I'm going broke...I bought so much high end cosmetics ever since I started my makeup course! I hope I will be receiving my certificate soon because I just handed in all the workbook etc I had to do to fully complete the course.

Photo of my baby (on the right) with his sister which is my best friend's dog (on the left), It's so hard to get a photo with both of them together looking at the camera hehe!

I went to watch Wicked! First musical I've ever been to and it was sooo good!! This was their first time coming to Perth and I bought the ticket the minute it was on sale 7 months ago!! I thought I got close to front row seats and we ended up sitting 4-5 rows from the BACK!! I was pretty pissed off but the musical was really good so that made up for it. Still... -.- would've been so good if I was at the front =(

Here's a outfit of the day a few weeks ago >__< Wearing my Liz Lisa skirt which I mad love =)

Top is from Taipei, Shoes from Shibuya 109~ and belt from Hong Kong

Here's some camwhore photos of me incase you all forgot what I looked like.. Ok not really, it's just a lame excuse for me to post them up! lol

I was the model for my friend's makeup class. She was doing a high fashion photoshoot and the theme was of course Gyaru. I'll post up photos from the photoshoot when I get them off her!

I'm wearing the badly matched mac studio fix foundation in nc30. Looks like I have a bad tan! However, I liked my eye makeup that night, I put white eyeliner on my waterline and in combination with the eyelashes I used, my eyes looked really big that night ^__^

The week after with a very different look - Softer curls and I lined my whole eye in black liquid liner. It looked reallly bad without false lashes! So thank god for false lashes!

Using Eyemazing 003 for top lashes and Melliesh 05 for bottom

Using Melliesh 05 bottom lashes with Dolly Wink no. 8 and takano lashes for top.. I don't remember the style number because I bought these lashes years and years ago >__<

So upcoming posts...

  • Dolly Wink Part II
  • Laura Mercier reviews
  • Napoleon night
  • 6 Months blog anniversary giveaway! Hope you will look forward to that =) I'll be starting that right after the cosme eyes giveaway ends =)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I ❤ Dolly Wink part 1

Yay I'm one follower away to 100 =P I know it's not much but it's still exciting for me ^__^ Also a gentle reminded to everyone not to forget to enter my Cosme eyes contact lenses giveaway where you get a lenses of your choice for free! Open internationally and ends on the 6th July 2011. Not many people have entered so far so if you enter now you have a pretty good chance of winning! To enter click here!

Sorry it took me so long to update! I've been really busy moving house! I really hate moving =( And this time we had to sell all our furniture as well >__< I'm a bit sad because it took us a while to slowly buy all the furniture and I love my bed so much and also I lived in that place for 2 years and so many memories and stuff with the apartment and the furnitures... but oh well it's time for a new chapter of my life! 舊的不走新的不來!

Anyway so this is the first time I'm free since I last blogged so now I can blog about this properly since this is going to be another time consuming post lol!

For those of you that havnt read my previous post or don't know what Dolly Wink is...

Dolly Wink is the eyelash series produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka in collaboration with Koji. Other products in the Dolly Wink range are - Liquid and pencil eyeliner, eyelash case, eyelash glue, nail polish (which I find very random) and the newly released mascara, eyeshadow pallets and cream eyeshadows.

It's one of my favourite (Japanese) brand and this is a basically all you need to know post about Dolly Wink eyelashes and fake eyelashes in general and I hope I answer most questions by the end of this post!

I'm going to split this into two parts or it's going to be wayyyy too long!!

Part 1 will consist of
  • The Story of how I fell in ❤ with Dolly Wink
  • How many times I use my Dolly Wink lashes before I change to a new set
  • Dolly Wink glue review
  • Briefly mention my favourite Dolly Winks
Part II will consist of
  • Information on each Dolly Wink style
  • Photos of me wearing the Dolly Winks
  • More detail on my favourite Dolly Winks ie why I they are my favourite etc.
Before we get started if you are not familiar with Dolly Wink here's the 8 available styles in the Dolly Wink eyelash series! Photo credits goes to

No. 1 Dolly Sweet

No. 2 Sweet Girly

No. 3 Natural Girly

No. 4 Feminine Style

No. 5 Real Nude

No. 6 Baby Cute

No. 7 Vivid Pop

No. 8 Pure Little

Ok here we go ^__^ You can totally skip this long winded story btw =P

The Story of how I fell in ❤ with Dolly Wink

I first heard about Dolly Wink from reading this post from my favourite blog Lucky Cheesie got sponsored the whole Dolly Wink range from Sasa for reviews and I instantly was like omgg must buy these lashes when I saw her wear them!! 

So when I went to Hong Kong last year in June/July I went to SaSa straight away on my first day in HK to ask them about Dolly Wink. For some strange reason they don’t sell them!!! They've never even heard of Dolly Wink!!! (They still don’t sell them the last time I checked which was Feb this year, only the Dolly Wink mascaras) I can confirm with you that Sasa in Malaysia definitely sells them and also the other Dolly Wink products – eyeliners, mascara, newly released eyeshadow, eyeshadow creams and even the nail polishes. Anyway my friend which was a guy had no idea either but he was so nice because he asked a friend where HK sells Dolly Wink and next day took me to this place in Mongkok that sells them!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I ❤ Tsu-chan, Dollywink and Candy Doll~

I've been meaning to do this post for a long time but I've kept putting it off because I was lazy to go and compile all the information on Tsu-chan but I've decided to finally do it =P

This post is dedicated to my idol Tsubasa Masuwaka (Tsu~chan)! I rarely idolise female icons/celebs but after this post you will see why I love Tsu-chan so much ^__^

If you are into Gyaru fashion and cosmetics you will 100% know who Tsubasa is but for those of you who do not know who Tsubasa is hopefully you will by the end of this post =P

Tsu-chan was born on 13 Oct 1985. She is a Japanese model, Gyaru/Himegyaru icon and a business woman!!

She was one of the most popular models from the magazine Popteen and married male fashion model Naoki Umeda in Decemeber 2007 and gave birth to her son in April 2008 (so yes I guess she got pregnant before she got married). She graduated from Popteen and her last Popteen issue was Feb 2008. She now models for Popsister.

Surprisingly the Japanese wiki didn't have much information on the brands she produced! The following information are translated by me from the March 2011 Issue of Popsister where they had a lot of Tsubasa information including a 50 questions survey! =)

 Below are the scans from Popsister

50 questions survey which I'm not going to translate, this is just for readers that can read Japanese =P

History of products produced by Tsu-chan

Candy Doll was produced in 2008 and has sold 31000 units up to date!

Candy Doll is Tsubasa's cosmetics range that sells blushes, lipstick, lip gloss and mineral powder and recently just released the base range which I have blogged about here.

Angel Colour (Contact lenses) 2007 til now
Tsu-chan recently released the Bambi series otherwise known as Princess mimi and has sold 27000 units in 4 months!

Dollywink (Eye related make up) - Eyelashes, Eyelash glue, Mascara, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow etc...
Um it's cut off and my copy of this issue of Popsister is unfortunately at my mum's house! I took it there just tonight =.=; So I can't see the date that it was released but from memory I think this line was released in 2009

Dolly Wink eyelashes has sold 2 million units and the newly released eyeshadow has sold 6000 units.

I'm not sure if they meant all the eyelashes and eyeshadow or just that particular style and colour but they are super popular!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Stuff! Liz Lisa, Cosmagic, Melliesh, Dollywink and MORE!

Sorry I haven't updated for a while! I'm in the process of moving house and packing my stuff and selling my furniture so I've been quite busy!

Just going to share with you guys some stuff I've bought recently and what just arrived in the mail!

My friend found this store in Perth that sells imported authentic fashion from Japan. There's a lot of 109 brands like Liz Lisa and Snidel etc so of course I went to check it out asap! The stuff was of course pricey and there wasn't that many Liz Lisa stuff but the owner said there's a lot of new stock coming and that  they are currently held up at Australia customer. Due to the Japan earthquake, the new stock are being checked for radiation etc. so it's taking longer than anticipated. (Australian customs are super strict!)

Also he said if there's anything I like on Jap mags like ViVi he can order it for me if it's not sold out! Too bad I'm moving to Malaysia soon and also I'm pretty broke >__<

Anyway what I did end up buying there was the Liz Lisa Spring kago bag!!
I've been eyeing this bag ever since February at the HK and Taipei Liz Lisa boutiques but I ended up talking myself out of it because

1. I rather spend the $$ buying Liz Lisa clothes
2. This basket would be impossible to pack into my luggage meaning I have to carry it all the way back to Malaysia and then back to Perth

So when I saw it at the shop I was like OMG must buy! It's fate! Because this was like the Feb Spring collection and the only reason the shop had it was because he ordered it in Feb but it only came recently! The price was reasonable enough (100aud) I don't know how much is it at Liz Lisa boutiques but I felt it was meant to be for me to buy this bag >__<

Dunno when I can use it though because it's Winter right now in Australia... But since I will be going to Malaysia soon... =)

Ok enough of me rambling, here are the photos!

And the other thing I bought at the store is these shoes! It's really expensive though - 150aud so wasn't sure if it's worth the price but it's quite comfortable because I even wore it out to clubbing and I really love the design! It matches so well with all my gyaru clothes >__<

For all fellow Perth readers/friends this shop is called Chimomo and it's in Carillon City next to DIVA accessories in the City.

Remember my post about cosmagic blushes? Well because of this little baby here....

Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek Peach Pink 02

I ended up buying all this....from Bonjour HK. It took one whole month for the stuff to arrive from the day I paid for it!! So don't think I'll be buying from them again any time soon... (especially since I pretty much bought everything I wanted anyway). Also their website is super hard to navigate through and a LOT of stuff is out of stock =.=!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My MAC haul! First impression review on 130 and 217 Brush

My MAC stuff arrived! This is  actually my first time buying MAC stuff! I'm a huge packaging person and I was just not really attracted by MAC's packaging or products much. And for some reason their huge colour range in eye shadow and foundation scares me >__<

However, this time I didn't buy any actual make up! I bought MAC brushes, lashes and makeup base!

MAC'S prep + prime Skin base visage

I got sucked into clear skin primers during my makeup course. I won't really be able to tell if this product is good or not unless I wear it out a whole day but I would probably only wear this when I go out to party which is usually at night because that's when I put a lot of base on my skin. Then I will be washing everything off in like 3-4 hours so it will be really hard to tell whether this product makes the foundation last longer.

The purpose of the primer is that it creates a layer between your skin and the foundation and protects your skin from the foundation seeping into the pores and at the same time makes your foundation last on your face longer!

Since this is a clear formula I don't know if it makes your foundation actually look better.  It's good for people with sensitive or bad skin because apparently from long use of a primer (doesn't have to be MAC) it makes your skin better in the long run! (I say apparently because that's what my makeup lecturer said happened to her but I don't really use primers so I cant say this is from my personal experience)

I think it's a bit pricey because the bottle is so small.. only 30ml of product. But usually this amount I have on the back of my hand should be able to cover your whole face. There's a slight shimmer in the primer but it shows up as clear on your face =)

The other lashes I ordered was out of stock so I ended up with only one MAC eyelashes which is no.7 the most popular one out of the eyelash range. I have yet to try this but it looks quite normal.. like most of the Japanese lashes so I'll review it when I wear it one day... 

So what's this cute mini MAC bottle? It's actually a sample of the Studio Fix liquid foundation! How adorable is that! I got a colour match at the David Jones MAC counter in Melbourne and the sales girl was so rude! And she matched me totally wrong!!!

This is a NC30 and when I put it all over my face on it looked like I had a bad tan =.= I wore it out anyway because it's going to be dark and no one is going to notice but I was pretty annoyed because the sales girl did such a bad job at matching me!!

Lucky I took home a sample and didn't buy the whole bottle!!
But other than that the actual foundation was awesome! The studio fix provides a pretty thick coverage and that's what I want because I don't have any foundation that create a thick coverage! It made me face look absolutely flawless!! So I'm going to a MAC counter in Perth (hopefully tomorrow) and get a proper colour match then I'm buying this product on my next MAC haul!!

Ok here's my First impression review on the two MAC brushes that I bought:

I just completed my Certificate II in Makeup services so I felt like I should really invest in some MAC brushes since they are so highly raved about.

I bought the 130 mini duo fibre brush and the 217 eyeshadow brush (My friend forgot to order me the 239 so I'll have to get it next time >__<)

So what's the difference between the 130 and 188? Well apparently 130 gives you more control due to the thicker handle and shorter bristles. It gets around all the areas like around your nose and under your eyes and it creates a very smooth finish to your foundation application! Furthermore the brushes are unbelievably soft! Absolutely fell in love with this brush at first use!

The only down point is the fact that the brush is quite small so it takes much longer to cover the whole face so if that really others you, you can always use this with a larger duo fibre or a foundation brush and just use this brush to buff the face and really get into those small areas like under the eyes and around the nose and mouth

Then there's the 217 which is also unbelievably soft. The first time I used it I dipped it in a pink eyeshadow and I thought it looked super pretty with the pink and white so I took another photo of it! I fell in love with this brush straight away as well! It picks up so much colour so it can make even the not so pigmented eyeshadows look super pigmented! The brush is a bit big to create the V pattern but it's great to put shadow over the eyelid or for the variegated and 3 stroke pattern. 

I haven't used this brush long enough to comment on how well this brush can blend the eyeshadow colours.

So I was really happy with my first two MAC brushes and I can feel there will be many more MAC brushes to follow! I plan to get a few more eyeshadow brushes because I feel those are the most important brushes to get, especially the good quality ones.

Hope this helped and if there's any recommendations for other MAC brushes or products please let me know!!

I have my eyes on the gel eyeliner and the mineralize skin finish!