Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I ❤ Shu Uemura

I wasn't so HOT about Shu Uemura before because my first Shu Uemura product was their famous cleaning oil but at the time I was using it as a face wash and I didn't like it as a face wash at all because I feel that my face is still oily after rinsing off the product. However I absolutely LOVE the cleansing oil as a makeup remover because it removes makeup really well, especially waterproof mascara! Now I have a massive bottle and I only use it as a makeup remover not a face wash.

Anyway... lately I'm really crazy about their makeup range! It was Shu Uemura's 1 year birthday last week and they were doing a promotion where you receive complimentary eye makeup and eyelash application.

I was planning to buy some Shu eyeshadows and their new concealer so I went in with my bestie.

Shu Uemura counter at David Jones Hay st

I love the Shu Uemura counter because it's so bright and clean!

Yummy cupcake which I ended up turning down because my mouth was really dry so didn't feel like eating it >.<

Swatching their eyeshadows trying to decide which four I was going to pick
Super hard decision because all their colours are sooo pretty and there was a lot of new colours!

Make up my best friend received...

We ended up getting a full face makeup ^__^

She thought it was too strong (even though you can't tell from the photos) because she usually don't wear that much eye makeup but I think it turned out really well! I really liked it!

You can't really see my makeup from this picture but you can see the blush colour on my left cheek which I really liked! It's a pretty peach colour ^.^

Close up! With complimentary individual lashes

My sales assistant Bruce used four colours on my lid - Blue, green, yellow and orange
and baby pink along the bottom of the eye and used purple eyeliner and blended it in with all the colours

He's so good with colour choices and blending all the colours together and I he was very gentle and careful but precise with his work.

I was really happy with the outcome *cough soooo much better than Laura Mercier's MUA cough*

I really loved it!! Felt so Summery *even though we are in the middle of Winter =(* Reminds me of icy pops ^.^

Shu Uemura recently introduced a new palette which you will see later which is available in black or white

Now you can get customised palette of 4 eyeshadow or 2 eyeshadow one cheek colour or two cheek colours

Furthermore the eyeshadows and cheek colours prices have dropped as well and there's a lot of new colours released and they are releasing more for the next two months! I forgot how much the prices have dropped because I can't remember how much they used to be.

Anyway I had a really hard time picking out the colours I wanted because look at the colour choices!

My Shu Uemura haul ^.^

Doesn't look like much after I take out everything from the packaging >__<

I ended up picking colours I do not have any replicas of in my eyeshadow collection ^__^

From left to right

ME Soft yellow 336
ME Soft copper 270
IR Soft yellow green 435
P Soft blue 645

Hahaha I just realised it's all "soft"

Assembling my customised Shu Uemura eye palette ❤ ❤ 

Super love the clean white case ^__^ I might bling it one day when I'm bored =D

Received an eyeshadow palette ME Gold 350 and a Shu Uemura mask as gifts for spending over $150 >.<


Left to right
Soft blue
Soft yellow green
Soft yellow
Soft copper

I absolutely love these colours! I've only used it once but I applied it with my fingers but I think they are quite pigmented and very soft and smooth! A bit like YSL eyeshadows so I have a feeling they will blend really well

I'll do a proper review with these eyeshadows and maybe do a tutorial or something when I get my new MAC brushes on Friday which I'm super excited about ^__^

Next item
Pro gel cealer which is their newly released concealer in Medium Beige

It's waterproof and smudge proof and its buildable 

I have mixed reviews with this concealer so far so I'll do a proper review when I've used this product a bit more

When I first tried it at the counter I thought it was so good! Covered my eye bags really well and blended into my skin perfectly. Also I got sucked in by the design! Looks so clean ❤

After I bought it and I used it again (but I applied with a brush) I felt it was quite dry and made a crease under my eye and it was quite dry around my nose

Then today I applied it with my fingers and it was a bit better

In conclusion: I think it's better to apply this with fingers to warm it up first so it blends better in the skin
But I definitely want to use this product a bit more incase I rave about this and it turns out not to be so good

Swatch of the concealer

Looks quite thick huh? It looks really yellow/dark on the back of the hand but actually when you blend it into your skin on your face it looks quite light

Last item I bought was

Rough unlimited supreme shine in BL 042

Bruce used this colour on me and the blue colour mixed with my lips the colour that it turned into was a kind of purplish colour. But it wasn't really purple... It's hard to explain without a photo but I loved the colour because I thought it was really unique. However the next day under normal lighting I put on this lipstick to show my friend and it turned out that under normal lighting you couldn't see any colour! It just looked like I got some gloss on my lips.

I was pretty upset but luckily the SA was sooo nice and she let me change a new colour ^__^

 Here's the swatch for this lipstick

I ended up swapping it for this SS OR 541
It's a coral red glittery colour


I really like this colour! Overall I love the lipstick because it's very hydrating! It's like lip balm + lip gloss in a lipstick form.

Some more photos from the look created by Shu Uemura's MUA Bruce

I really love the cheek colour! It looks kinda orange in the picture but it's actually a bit more pink so looks more peachy ^__^

I'm really into peach blushes lately! Candy Doll's carrot orange mixed with a bit of pink can achieve this look ^__^

I will create a look with my new Shu Uemura goodies and more detailed reviews on the products when I've used them a bit more ^__^

Hope you found this post interesting~ Until next time 



Sunday, July 24, 2011

New purchases & outfit and food pics ❤

First of all, for all fellow Tsubasa Masuwaka fans here's a link I'd like to share with you all!

It contains english translations of Tsu-chan's blog. I'm so happy that someone is actually doing is! My japanese is not that good so it's quite tiring to read Tsubasa's blog but it's so much easier now that I can just read the translated version ^__^ Many thanks to Katelyn for doing this ^.^

I've been quite naughty lately and have been making a lot of purchases >__<

Alannah Hill Stockings and socks~

For those of you that don't know the brand Alannah Hill (which you probably do not if you are not from Australia), it's a high end clothing brand by Australian designer Alannah Hill. Their clothes are super expensive - coats range from 300-600aud and tops and skirts around 150aud+ So far they only have stores in Australia and New Zealand and some representative stores in Asia and UK.

The style is a bit like Blair Waldorf from Gossip girl, if you are curious do check out their official website ^.^

Look at the cute wrapping paper ^_^

Love the packaging!!

Everything was on 20% off so I bought a pair of socks and a pair of stockings!

$29aud after discount $23.20 

I know.. it's really expensive for a pair of socks >.<

But look how pretty it is~~❤

I love this pair of stockings so much!!

$49aud after discount $39.20

I can't believe I spent so much on one pair of stockings!!

But look! I think it's so worth it! The lace pattern on the stockings are soooo detailed! It's really comfortable, felt like soft delicate silk on my legs. However I was so paranoid all night to scratch it with my nails or have it hooked onto something or rip it but luckily it was fine ahahaha! I love this pair of stockings so much!! I think it's really worth the money because this is the first time I've seen stockings that have such high quality!

New purchases from Forever New

Floral top & Navy waisted shorts

I'm really happy with the shorts because I wanted these kind of shorts for a long time! However the size 6 was a bit tight on me and the size 8 is a bit loose =___= fml..! I need to gain more weight to fit into these shorts perfectly =( 

Outfit pic! 

Wearing my new Alannah Hill stockings
Fur Jacket - Liz Lisa
Shoes - Chimomo

And of course new top and shorts from Forever New

 Another purchase from Forever new
Khaki pants

Been wanting these for a long time as well~ I'm happy that it fits me perfectly but my legs are too short and it suppose to sit at the calfs not the ankles =( fml again >.<

And here are some more outfit pics~

Top bought in Tokyo, I forgot the name of the shop but it was from Shibuya 109-2 and it was only around 900yen (on sale) I was sooo happy ^.^
Shorts - Titty & co., bought in HK JFK which imports all their clothes from Shibuya 109

With jacket - Lodispotto also bought in Shibuya 109-2

I think clothes from Shibuya 109-2 are much cheaper than the 109 building itself

For those of you that don't know where is 109-2 it's very close to the 109 building where 3 stories are dedicated for men and the rest is women's wear

Top bought in some shop in Harajuku
Shorts - Forever New
Boots - bought in Penang

As you can see I'm REALLY into waisted shorts and also skirts too ^.^

Haul from Shu Uemura!!

Four eyeshadow colours with new Shu Uemura eyeshadow case

Their new concealer in Medium Beige

The mask and the fifth eyeshadow colour were gifts for making purchase over $150aud >.<

Rouge unlimited supreme shine

I originally got the one on the left  but then it turns out the colour doesn't look as nice under normal light and it just looked really good at the counter so I ended up swapping for another colour which is the lipstick on the right

I know what you are thinking haha blue lipstick? More information when I post up the swatches and reviews of these babies ;-)

Swatches and review for those coming up!!

And I finally bought a camera case for my camera from eBay ^.^

Ok going to end this post with some food pictures!

Hope you liked the outfit pictures >.< Would you like to see more outfit pictures in the future? I'll try and post the makeup tutorial soon but I think the photos are taken under pretty bad lighting so I might consider re-doing it... Make up tutorials are so hard to do >__<