Sunday, September 25, 2011

Food of Malaysia [Pic Heavy!]

I went to Johor Bahru, Muar, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh for work in the past week but I've pretty much only taken photos of the food we ate and some snaps in Melaka because I didn't wear any makeup all week >.<;;

I'm only posting photos I took with my olympus pen and left out the crappy iPhone quality pictures

Johor Bahru

Apparently JB is famous for their bitter-melon soup

Which is this. It's really nice and the bitter-melon is quite fresh and not really bitter

Hazelnut latte

Caramel Latte

Green tea latte


Street snapsss

Melaka is a tourism location because it is rich in historical heritage and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. There's around 200 hotels in this small city! 

Antique currency

Lots of antique shops!

Chicken rice ball is one their famous dishes

It's basically hainanese chicken

served with these rice balls

I don't like the rice balls because the rice is really mushy and gross >.<;; 


Curry mee

 Nyonya food which originated from Melaka

However I think the nyonya food in Gurney Plaza in Penang tastes better >.<

Kuala Lumpur
IKEA foodcourt
Apparently it's really popular there! It's as if everyone go to IKEA just to eat the food and not actually to buy furniture. I thought the food was average though

Porridge in Muar which is a small town in the middle of Johor and Melaka

Super good porridge because they put a lot of meat and century eggs in it!

Then stopped over in Ipoh this morning for dim sim!

Some food snaps from Penang

Omg this was super spicy my whole mouth was on fire -.-

Famous Penang Asam Laksa which I don't like to eat because it got that fishy taste -.-;

Deep fried chicken skin which is sooo nice!!

Ok that's all for now! Hope this post didn't make you too hungry =P I'll be flying off to Italy in less than two weeks! Super excited because it will be my first time travelling to Europe! 

Going to Milan, Venice, Sorrento, Bologna and maybe Pisa and Morocco! 

So until next time~


Monday, September 19, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Hyper puffy in Pink and Cosme Eyes Giveaway ❤

Hyper Puffy 3 tone PINK 19mm

Brand: Japan HyperSize 
Water content: 48% high water content
Centre thickness: 0.028mm super thin High oxygen permeability
Base curve: 8.6mm
Lens usage: 6-12months upon opened from vial
Made in Korea for Japan

These lenses are 19mm in diameter, I know that might sound really big but I think it has great enlargement effects and doesn't look too freakishly big ^__^

Hyper puffy in Pink~ I think the colour is more like a reddish brown. The colour of the outer ring is a red/wine colour. 

I really like tri-tone coloured lenses because the colours look really realistic

With Flash~

Under natural lighting

I absolutely love these lenses because the reddish brown matches my reddish brown hair perfectly! Don't you reckon? lol This one is my fav pic because the colour of the lenses look really pretty in this picture!

My cheeks look kinda chubby in this photo... I think it's due to all the eating I've been doing in the past month in Penang >___<;; 

I was really curious what the pink will look like and to my surprise it actually looks like a reddish brown colour which I'm really happy with because it matches my hair so well!

I totally recommend these lenses if you love tri-colour lenses like me or if you have reddish brown hair like me =P

The colour of these lenses are also quite similar to Bambi/Princess mimi series in chocolate brown!

Comfort: I worn them out a whole day today and no problem at all ^__^

All lenses are ready stock in Brisbane, Australia so all aussie customers will receive their lenses really fast!

Cosme eyes now ship internationally and if you liked their facebook page you will receive free international shipping when you purchase their lenses! Also they have just launched their new website so please check that out too!

Furthermore Cosme Eyes are having a giveaway!!

Here is what you can do to win yourself a pair of free lenses and it's open internationally!!

Here's their facebook page. It's really simple to enter!! Good Luck!!

I was playing with the art filters on my camera and they turned out quite nice so decided to post them here ^__^


Soft Focus



I'll be flying to Johor Bahru on Tuesday then Melaka and KL and maybe stopping in Ipoh on the way back to Penang which will be Sunday so I probably won't be able to blog til I'm back. Can't wait to buy Makeup Forever and RMK in KL! Also, just confirmed that I'm going to stop over in Hong Kong before going into China at the end of the year so can't wait to stock up on more gyaru goodies ^__^

Hope you guys found this review helpful and til next time xx!