Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Officially 1 year old! Sneak peak of upcoming Giveaway!!

So as promised during my 6 months giveaway I would hold another one when my blog reaches one year old which is today!!

I want to giveaway really good prizes this time to show my appreciation to all my readers that have supported me throughout the past year.

Since I'm going to HK next month I will be buying all the prizes then but at the same time I won't be able to officially start it til I've taken a picture of the giveaway prizes!

But here is a preview of some of the things I'm going to giveaway to get you guys all excited =P

Jill Stuart hand cream in White Floral or Fruit and Rose 30ml
Since Jill Stuart products are hard to get your hands on I thought it would be good to have it as one of my giveaway gifts! How cute is the bottle? I'll be giving away which ever scent is the nicer one since I'll be buying one for myself =P

Ok I'm absolutely DYING to try the Jewerich 03 bottom lashes and I will def be buying them when I visit HK so I'll also be giving away this because I know how expensive and hard it is to get your hands on one of this!

Then of course I will be giving away items from my Holy Grail list!

I'm sure you have seen a lot of bloggers rave about these Rohto Lycee drops! I love them as well and I wouldn't use any other eyedrops ever since!! I'll be giving away the ones for contact lenses users!

My favourite eyelash glue!! DUP Eyelash fixer EX. I swear by this eyelash glue! It's better than all the ones I've tried so far - Dolly Wink, lashgrip, MAC Duo adhesive..

I'll try and do a review on this before my giveaway ends

Since the new dolly wink range has JUST been released in Japan I have my doubts that they will reach HK that fast! However, doesn't hurt to hope and IF I do get my hands on these I will definitely be adding it to my giveaway!! If not then I will be adding a Candy Doll blush or lipstick to my giveaway instead! So basically a Tsu-chan product is promised!!

So that's what I have planned so far but of course I *may* add more items to this giveaway before it's finalised! Please also leave a comment if there is something you really would like to win and super hard to get your hands on and I'll consider adding that into my giveaway =D

Also I have added an useful posts page where I have organised all my posts in the past year that may be useful for you such as reviews, guides and interesting posts such as my shopping haul and travel posts! So if you haven't been reading my blog for long feel free to visit the page for quick navigation to my past posts!

Once again~ thank you again to all my readers and esp to the ones that leaves me lovely comments!! I'm looking forward to a new year of blogging! ^__^

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The City on Water >>> Venice

If I have to choose between Rome and Venice... well I really can't because I love both cities equally!! Took over 400 photos again that day!! So hard for me to blog because I have to pick like 50-60 nice pictures out of 400!!! That's a really hard job >.<

So this is the view after getting out of the Venice train station!! We were blessed with another sunny day!

Behind us is the train station!! Why are all the buildings in Italy so nice!!! Even the train station is sooo damn nice omgg!

Famous Venice canals

Teehee look! A gondola! 

Guess what I'm looking at? I've noticed that Italians really love to take their dogs out everywhere! To shops, restaurants etc! See where the people are seated? That's where we went next!!

Remember this place if you ever visit Venice!

The vanilla slice was soooo yummy and it only costed 1 euro!!!

Ahhh it was such a nice feeling just to sit by the canals enjoying a cup of coffee and dessert! This area was really quiet and peaceful!

Mmmm My one euro vanilla slice of heaven!! =P

Then we headed off, exploring the rest of Venice!

There was a lot of little narrow streets with shops here and there. This area was still really quiet.

This is where I bought my murano glass charm and Italy charm for my pandora bracelet ^__^

Baccio chocolates!!! We bought heaps since they don't sell them in Malaysia. 

Check out those huge chocolate bars!!

Behind me is the Grand canal!

I really like this picture! If only there weren't all those sticks =(

Look how cute the chillis are bunched together! Look like flowers
If you watched the movie The Tourist, this is the market where Johnny Depp falls into when he was being chased for the first time by the bad guys!

Famous Rialto bridge!

View of the Grand Canal from the Rialto bridge!

A random souvenir stall! Not where I bought my masks though. I was too busy trying to pick which masks I wanted to buy so didn't have time to take photos of the shops. But omg there was sooo many gorgeous masks to choose from and they were only 10-20euros!!

I took a picture of this window display because I thought it was reallly pretty!

And then we arrived at Piazza san Marco - St Mark's Square

The Square was huge and there was so many people there! 

St Mark's Basilica

Taking photos with my newly bought mask while lining up to go inside the Basilica

Inside the Basilica~ Again, entrance was free ^__^

I think we weren't suppose to take photos so that's why we hastily took some photos and therefore the picture turned out to be blurry =( However, I quite like the picture so I decided to put it up anyway =P

Outside in the Piazza again~ Just love the backdrop!

And guess what?! It's gondola time!!!

Gondola service!!

Because they were all covered with blue cloth the gondolas don't look very nice >__<

Before stepping into our gondola~

It was a pretty hectic ride because we took a LOT of photos during the gondola ride and I think the gondolier was really concerned we would tip the boat from all the moving around!! LOL

This was one of my fav photos from the gondola ride even though my eyes were half closed from the Sun's glare fml >__<

Taking photos with my new masks~~ Teehee!! A lot of other tourists started taking photos of us because we were wearing the masks =P

I think that was Mozart's house...Well we did pass it and the gondolier pointed it out to us and I snapped a picture but wasn't sure if this was the one since all the buildings kinda look the same lol @.@

Rowing past the Rialto bridge!

This was a really nice photo too!

Some people chilling out at the steps in front of a super pretty building

I thought this gondola was super pretty!! Even had flowers!!

My bf pretending to be a high roller loool and Me and the mum was posing as his escorts expecting to receive tips LOL

As we were nearing the dock we decided to just sit back and actually enjoy the gondola ride haha

Outside Hotel Danieli where The Tourist was filmed!

And inside!! Omg was sooo pretty!!

The roses were real and soo nice!!

And then we had lunch before leaving Venice!!

The Pizza and ice cream are esp good in Venice!!

And that was my day in Venice!!! Such a beautiful city!! It was a really relaxing and fun place to visit! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!! Coming up next is Monaco~~ Monte Carlo and Cannes!!

Hope you guys are not getting bored of these posts~ bear with me! We are almost at the end! Lol