Monday, February 27, 2012

Liz Lisa 2012 Spring Collection

Liz Lisa have released their 2012 Spring Collection - Classical Ethnic!

The colours are sweet pastel colours of baby pink, yellow, and mint green!

I have also just added 5 items from the Spring Collection to my shop! Banner on the left!

I really like this collection because I LOVE pastel colours! The theme is so sweet and fairy-like and bright! I feel happy just looking at the pictures and the pretty colours!

Do you like the Spring Collection?

I really like the babypink suspender shorts >___<

Friday, February 24, 2012

Yuki's closet sale #2!

So I'm officially back in Perth! And I've spent the whole day taking photos of my clothes that I'm letting go! Only worn them once, no more than twice! Most of them are floral pieces because I have wayyy too many >___< Kinda went through a crazy floral phase in the past year so I'm going to let go of a lot of these floral items!

I'll add all the unsold items to my closet sale page later! (See tabs beneath the blog banner)

If you buy more than one item then price may be negotiated!

I'm sending these via Aus Post!

Selling worldwide!

Payment method: Australia Bank deposit, Paypal (+3% fee)

Email me at or leave a comment with your email address! Priority given to those who pay first!

I didn't adjust the colours of these photos so the colours displayed are pretty much the same as what the items look like in real life!

Descriptions are above the images!

Floral Dress #1 - SOLD
Point: Cute bow at the front of the dress, removable!
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize (Material stretches)

Floral Dress #2 - SOLD
Point: Liz Lisa inspired dress, very pretty floral pattern!
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize, elastic at the back (Material stretches)

Floral Dress #3 - SOLD

Floral Dress #4 - SOLD

Bohemian Dress - SOLD

Floral Top #2 - SOLD
This was in my last sale post but here are some modelling shots ^__^
Point: Cute straps!
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize (Material stretches)

Brown layered chiffon skirt - SOLD
Point: Very vintage feel
Condition: Worn once or twice
Size: Freesize, elastic waist

White Skirt - SOLD
Point: Bohemian skirt
Condition: I don't really remember wearing this skirt, could be brand new haha!
Size: Freesize, elastic waist

Waisted floral skirt - SOLD
Point: Love the denim waist!
Condition: Brand New!
Size: Freesize

Grey fur top - SOLD

Pink top - SOLD

Brown Layered Skirt - SOLD

Liz Lisa Floral Top - SOLD

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Singapore Haul and Meet up with Kelly!

I've made my closet sale post into a page tab (it's next to yuki109 guide) and I will be adding more items to that page since I really need to get rid of a LOT of clothes!

Omg 11 days since I last blogged! Time flies so fast! >.< I've been quite busy because my really good friend came to find me and my friend and I showed her around Penang and then we flew to Singapore over the weekend! It was a really fun week!

Now I have two announcement to make!

Announcement #1 My 1 year anniversary giveaway ends on the 6th March 2012

Announcement #2 I'm moving to Singapore to work at the end of March! Crazy right? I've just decided that like a few days ago >___< It's good timing because I haven't settled back down in Perth so I can definitely go try it out in Singapore! I think there will be better job opportunities and I will find a job I truly love!

So yes, Sakura Dreams will also be based in Singapore (sorry fellow Australians). I can arrange to bulk send all Singapore orders to Singapore and do meet ups with my customers etc. Also they can pay straight to my Singapore bank account so no need to pay the 5% Paypal fee!

I'm quite excited because I heard that Bloggers have it really good in Singapore! It's really easy to get sponsored as long as you have decent number of unique visitors daily. 

Ok enough blabbing!

Here is my mini Singapore haul~

Bought some Meiji sweets from Candelicious at Sentosa. It's opposite Universal Studios!

Couldn't find the Actizen foot mask that Cheesie blogged about but Kelly took me to a place to buy this! Which is pretty much the same thing! Can't wait to try it!

Fancl mild cleansing oil with adorable limited edition packaging! And comes with free travel pack! The bottles are so cute ^__^

Hakubi White C pills! Recommended by Kelly! 6 pills a day and makes your skin whiter! She said her skin is yellowish (like mine) and can already see effects after taking this for 1-2 weeks. So of course I have to try this!! Will let you guys know if this works ^__^

And my fav purchase!!!

Ta-dah~ Chanel earrings! Should've bought it in HK but the line is always so massive outside Chanel, really puts me off going in cos I really cbf lining up . Also I think it will be really embarrassing if I line up for so long and end up not buying anything -___-

Really love this design! So happy they have the big CC earrings available for sale! It's a 3d design and some of the crystals are gray where the shadows are suppose to fall ^__^

Modelling pics =D

Taken yesterday on Valentine's day~ My Valentine's day make up - Black X Red

And now onto my meet up with Kelly!

My lunch with Kelly at ION~

This is my first time meeting up with a fellow gyaru Blogger! I was super excited! My friend asked me what she looked like and I'm like umm.. pretty much like same fashion and make up as me!

When my friend met Kelly she was like O___O blown away! AHahha I think she's never met anyone other than me that dresses gyaru style! Even I have never met anyone like me that dresses this way =P

The adorable Kelly look even prettier in real life!! I was like OMG I felt so ugly taking photos with her -___-

She's really skinny and her face is so small! I was like *sob* my face look so big next to her FML maximum!!!!

Most of the camwhore pics are on Kelly's camera so I will just post what I have from mine.

Kelly took us around orchard because I wanted to have a look at Samantha Thavasa and Rosebullet

Then we went to take Puri kuras~~

Typical camwhoring in the puri booths! =P

In the middle is my friend Kara who is also moving with me to Singapore ^__^

See how big my face is next to her's!!?? FML MAXIMUM!! And you can't photoshop that shit cos my face end up looking like a squashed alien -____-

This new machine is soo awesome cos the puri's come out really bling and glitteri~

I swear Kelly is so damn pro at taking photos! She has like 1 million and 1 adorable facial expressions and whatever she does - winking, scrunching up her face etc all look so damn cute! I totally suck because I have like one expression in all my photos =___= I think all my readers probably noticed this by now -__- I feel like such a failed gyaru lololol

Kelly and I working fractically decorating the Puris! Heheheh All the ribbons and kisses are all glittery!

I forgot to take photos of our actual Puris *hoping Kelly will do it or scan it* So here are some photos of the screens while we were decorating haha

Then we ended our day with bubble tea at KOI!

I had a really awesome day with Kelly! And she made me so excited about moving to Singapore! I totally cannot wait to go to all the events with her! I felt like I met my other (better) half hahhaha Someone that shares my passion in cosmetics, fashion and all these vain things like camwhoring and eating whitening pills? LOL

I can't wait to meet more gyaru bloggers in the future when I travel the world more. And also I can't wait to meet more gyaru bloggers from Singapore! And also my Singaporean readers! I would really like to meet Xiaxue and Miyake Wong one day but I'm really scared they will be snobby and unfriendly in person since they are so popular/famous already =(

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yuki's Closet sale #1

Selling some items from my wardrobe which I've never worn or only worn once or twice

I'm sending these via Pos Malaysia, please visit the website to calculate the postage since I have already included the weight of each item.

Selling worldwide! Customers other than Aus and Msia please pay with Paypal (+3% fee)

Accept bank deposit from Malaysian and Australian customers.

For Australian customers, I can send these via Australia Post if you don't mind waiting til 21st of Feb when I'm back to Australia.

I'll be going to Singapore from 9th til 12th Feb so I can do a meet up on Sat for Singapore buyers.

Email me at or leave a comment with your email address! Priority given to those who pay first!

Bought these from and I've only worn them once or not at all because they are the wrong size for me

For more info on these items please visit my post about the minimaos haul

Liz Lisa Shorts
Before I could just fit into these and I must've gained weight (FML) cos I can' fit them at all now! So for skinny buyers only! 

It's 26cm across at the waist and 27cm across at the crotch area

I really like these shorts, really sad I can't fit into them -__- only worn once!

Scawaii denim bow jeans
Weight: 340g
Size: 27

 Like I said before I can barely fit into these jeans and due to hot weather in Malaysia, super tight jeans are a nono so I basically never worn them! So It's a huge bargain for those that can fit into them since I paid 46aud for them and you are getting a brand new one for 30aud!

Again, skinny customers only >.<

Miu Miu Inspired pumps

Going to let go of the floral items in my closet because I got wayy too many! Will be selling more floral items from my closet when I return to Australia!

Floral Top
Weight: 160g

Only worn once or twice! Mint condition!

Floral Dress

Only worn once or twice! Mint condition!

Adjustable straps!

Bow is detachable!

Modelling pic from the website where I bought it
In the picture it's the white colour, mine is pink!

My friend is coming over tomorrow night to visit then we are going to Singapore on Thursday! I will be meeting up with Kelly! I can't wait ^__^ First time meeting a fellow blogger hehehe so excited! Anyway so I won't be able to blog until I'm back which is next Sunday night!