Friday, March 23, 2012

Guang Zhou, China

My Sakura Dreams Giveaway is ending in around two weeks so join now if you haven't entered yet. 

Back to blogging about my China trip. We caught a train straight to Guang Zhou from HK. Lucky for me my friend was in Guang Zhou and we met up ^__^

Camwhoring with my Russian hat which I've never really taken photos with.

Lenses are Dueba puffy 3 tone green. NOT RECOMMENDED. They were really uncomfortable the first time I worn them. This is the second time I worn them in Guang Zhou and they irritated my eyes so much I had to take them out when I was out shopping! Then after I took them out I noticed there was something on my eyeball... so gross =___= N yeh pretty much threw away the lenses after two wears. It's a shame because I quite like the colour =(

So here's a whole series of my camwhore photos while I waited for my friend to come and find me.

Top lashes: Liz Lisa Dekame Dolly Love
Bottom lashes: Dolly Wink no. 5 + no. 6

My Liz Lisa outfit which I've blogged about already. Didn't even end up wearing it out because it was shedding fur like crazy..

Then my friend came to join in my camwhoring session =P

Then we went to dinner

Mmm food pics =)

Usually not a fan of squid but this was really yummy!

Then we went shopping at H&M!

Headed back to hotel to get ready for karaoke and clubbing ^__^

Snaps of the gorgeous city and river view in the taxi~

Wearing my new skirt from H&M, mad love this skirt!

And changed my make up look because my eyes was so painful from the stupid contact lenses!

Can totally change your look just by changing contact lenses and lashes!

And some snaps from my iPhone of the night because I didn't bring my camera out!

At 钱柜 Karaoke

Was super lucky that night because two other friends from Perth who don't live in Guang Zhou happened to be in Guang Zhou the same night as me! What are the chances!

Camwhoring in toilet of the club 喜喜

It was a really fun day/night! Felt really lucky because although it was a family trip, I got to meet up with my friends in Guang Zhou. It was my first time visiting Guang Zhou and I loved it ^__^

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yuki's closet sale #3

Sorry for all these sale posts >__< Please just take these posts as fashion posts or OOTD posts =D=D

Since my sales are going pretty well, I'm getting kinda addicted and want to sell more items from my closet! I have wayy too many clothes that I only worn once and will probably not wear anymore >__<

Please check out my closet sale page for the other items that are still available for sale!

In this batch I have two brand new items and an authentic Liz Lisa piece!

All purchases from my closet sale will receive a free gift! Please check out my closet sale page for more info on that! 

I'm sending these via Aus Post!

Selling worldwide!

Payment method: Australia Bank deposit, Paypal (+3% fee)

Email me at or leave a comment with your email address! Priority given to those who pay first!

Polka Dot Jumpsuit - 30aud
Point: Elastic at the waist, two front pockets, zip at the back, the front part is detachable *see photo*
Condition: BRAND NEW
Size: Australia Size 6/ Europe 34

Polka dot dress - 25aud
Point: Cute colours, bow at the waist, very flowy piece and perfect for Summer!
Condition: Brand New!
Size: Freesize

Cream Jumpsuit - 20aud
Point: Can be tightened at the waist, very comfortable!
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize

Pink Dress - 25aud
Point: Really cute pink colour, it's the dress I worn in my blog banner hehe! And that's the only time I worn this piece lol!
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize (Top part is elastic)

Authentic Liz Lisa Dress - SOLD

This piece is 100% genuine Liz Lisa, it's from Autumn 2011 collection. I bought this piece on my Feb 2011 HK trip. I'm still unsure about whether I want to let this piece go or not but I just feel I will probably not have many occasions to wear this piece to. 

I haven't decided the price I want to sell this for so I decided to do it by highest bidder wins method. I bought this piece for 100+ aud and only worn this once. Please email me at and let me know the highest price you are willing to pay for this dress. I will sell it to the buyer that offers the highest price.

Point: Cute sleeves, sexy low V neck, great quality
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize (Material stretches)

Finishing off this post with two camwhore shots of me wearing the Liz Lisa dress so you can look at how pretty the sleeves are? XP

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shopping Day in HK!

Update: I know everyone want to know where the gyaru cosmetic place is but I had a bad experience before where someone asked me where and I said you have to be a follower and I will email you the details and she chucked a HUGE sad and started leaving really negative comments all over my blog so I've decided that I will only release that information to nice followers of my blog. So please email me with your GFC name and I will email you back details on the gyaru cosmetic shop. Thanks for your understanding, and if you don't well too bad haha =P

Quick update on my life! I'm not moving to Singapore anymore! I applied for a LOT of jobs and didn't even hear back from ANY of them! Not even an interview! So naturally I gave up since I can't even go to Sg for longer than 3 months without a work visa and I don't really want to go without a job anyway.

I've been super busy setting up my new business in wedding invitations - Simply Elegance. Please please please LIKE the Simply Elegance facebook page to support me!!

And that is the main reason I haven't had time to do a proper blog post for a while! Also been busy looking for jobs in Perth. Luckily I have friends and connections so I already have a couple of jobs lined up for me! Yay! Going for an interview tomorrow to work at a make up store! Need to brush up on my skills and start my free lance make up artist career hehehe!

I'm going for a professional photo shoot this Sunday where I'm modelling makeup for my friend. Will be using those photos for a new blog skin!

Ok enough rambling about my life! Here is my post about my shopping trip in HK back in December last year. I know, I'm so behind in blogging about this I'm so sorry!

Some photos are from my iPhone and some are from my camera. I only had one day to shop but I knew exactly what I wanted to buy and where I wanted to go but it was still an exhausting day and I think my friend got really scared from shopping with me because we walked so much for a whole day hahah!

We started the day going to TST Harbour City on Canton Road to get my Ferragamo shoes! Couldn't buy them in Italy because the red colour I wanted wasn't available =(

Then headed over to my favourite lingerie shop - Peach Johns! Yes it has to be a jap brand ok.. even my lingerie have to be a Jap brand hahah! =___=

But hey totally recommend their lingerie! I've been using Japanese branded lingeries since 2008 when I first visited Japan! Jap lingeries for asians = FTW lol! Ok I will stop going on about it now haha!

Please read my HK Shopping list post to know where the Peach John store is!

Had a quick lunch!

And went to my favourite gyaru shop Princess House in Mongkok that sells really good quality Liz Lisa apparel at a super affordable price! It's the same quality as the Liz Lisa apparel I sell at my online shop Sakura Dreams! I didn't post up the photo of the adorable shop manager GoB cos I looked crappy in the photo but here is a picture of her adorable nails! She even have her name on the middle fingernail! How cute!

Then went to get my gyaru cosmetics! They had ADORABLE macaroons for sale! Freakin love the rilakkuma ones and the Chanel one omg!

DROOL*** Heheheh

Check out all our shopping in the taxi hahaha!

Going for a quick dinner, my favourite 車仔麵!I dunno the eng name!

Pig intestines! 

Mine 車仔麵! Didn't taste as good as the one I had in HK last time which I blogged about HERE! Warning: Do not look at that post if you are hungry lol!

My friend's 車仔麵 with different ingredients

I don't even know what this is haha!

My friend who had a terrible first time experience shopping with me because she was so exhausted from all the walking haha sorry!! But at least I introduced her to a lot of good gyaru shops and cosmetics and of course Peach John! Hehehehe and now she's officially gyaru infected ^_^

Check out my shopping!!! Acutally it's both of our shopping together ok?! I'm not THAT crazy =P

I cut out my face cos it looked crappy =P

YummEH dessert! Thousand layer mango cake which was sooo freakin nice! And 桂花糕!

Then we went to meet up with my friend at a bar in TST and I saw Rosebullet as I was going into the lift!!

My yummy cocktail!

OMG I freaking LOVED this bar!! I'm so going again next time!! I had a perfect view of HK Island and it was dark with fireplaces and soo freakin nice!!

Check out the gorgeous VIEW!

The place is named Wooloomooloo it's a steak house and here is their website. I went to the one in TST East!

Spent the next day with my family and we were leaving for Guang Zhou around 6-7pm.

My brunch!

Trying out clothes at Liz Lisa Sogo TST =P

If you follow my blog you should know which ones I ended up buying right ^__-

And my shopping HAUL - Literally hahah!

Had to stock up on Jill Stuart of course!! And bought the hand cream for the giveaway! The black purse was an awesome gift along with three juicy lip glosses and a small bottle of their newly released perfume! Damn happy!! And omg their nail polish remover works SO WELL and smells SO GOOD! I was only planning to buy their nail polish and I used the removed to get rid of my old nail polish so I can try their polishes and omg it worked so well I had to buy a bottle!

My Jill Stuart nail polish! Love the bottle!!

And what they look like. Actually looks prettier IRL, more shimmery!

Gyaru cosmetic haul! Bought Liz Lisa lashes and Lycee drops for the giveaway! I can't wait to try the Love Liner but I haven't gotten around to it yet >__<

My Liz Lisa boots which I MAD love! 

Had to throw the box away because it's wayy too big to carry!! So sad =( !!

My Ferragamo, birthday present from my BF. Bought a pair for my friend as well. So happy I finally got them! Been eyeing them since my Sydney trip in May last year!

Really love the bright lip stick red! Such a classic design! I really want to get a Chanel lambskin flap in the same colour with gold hardware so really hoping they will release that colour soon/again! 

And finally got my hands on RMK! Been wanting it badly since Sydney too because the May 2011 issue of Popteen was recommending this foundation and it was the favourite foundation amongst all the models and naturally I got sucked in! I also bought the control colour which brightens up the dark areas on your face, it's not a makeup base. And check out all my freebies - RMK pouch with face wash and cream! The cream was really moisturizing and it saved my face when I was in China and my skin was sooo dry because the weather was sooo cold and dry!!

If you are wondering, my shade for RMK liquid foundation is 102.

The rest I bought is all Liz Lisa clothes which you can kind of see in the photo of all my shopping. I sell most of them on my online store Sakura Dreams!

Will be doing more posts on my trip to China! I went to Guang Zhou, Wuhan (my hometown), Beijing and Harbin! Was a 4 week trip in total so will have a LOT to blog about! Hope you enjoyed this post!

I freaking LOVE Hk so much!! I always have a REALLY good time every time I go! I can't believe I went there three times already since June 2010! It's my second favourite place to shop because you can buy pretty much a lot of the Japanese branded apparel and cosmetics at the same price or even cheaper than Japan!

But of course my favourite place to shop and to travel to will still and always be Japan esp Tokyo! When I find a new job I'm so going to Tokyo just for a week to do what? S H O P! =P