Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Congrats to 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Winner!!

Bahahaha couldn't wait til the morning to reveal the lucky winner so I'm going to do it now! 3.5hrs after the giveaway ended! I'm efficient aren't I? Hehehe ^___^

Total of 276 people entered with 449 entries!! Wow! Thank you soo much to everyone that entered my giveaway! I'm so sorry there could only be one winner but I'm doing another giveaway real soon for my online shop so please stayed tuned for that!

So without further ado the winner is........

No. 188 Crystal!!!

Congratulations!! Going to email you now!! Please respond within 48hours

Your blog is so cute btw ^__^

Going to do some proper blog post soon! Should blog about my trip to Hk + China but omg the Hk/China trip was like almost 3 months ago... damn behind haha >____<


  1. Congratulatión to the winner!
    For you kiss and hug!

  2. Congratulations Crystal~! ^o^

  3. Congrats to thewinner!! Yea please :D i eanna see your China / HK trip. Even though it'll make me jelly like crazy~

  4. thank you very much !! and I've replied your email :)
    thank you again Yuki<3