Sunday, April 22, 2012

EOS New Adult Brown Sponsored Review

My review of the EOS New Adult Brown contact lenses 
Kindly sponsored by Lens Village

Diameter : 14.5 mm

Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year

You might have noticed that I'm an avid user of Tsubasa's Bambi Series lenses. They are my daily go-to lense. But I thought I would try out a slightly different style, I wanted to try something that doesn't scream out cute!

I chose these lenses because I'm really into the mode-kei style now! I am absolutely in love with Murua and Momoko Ogihara. I really wanted to recreate that look so I was excited to try out these lenses!

Below are two mode looks I created with these lenses!

Look 1: Murua - Sexy Mode

Eye Make up - very dark eyeshadow and thick top and bottom lashes.

I stacked two lashes from Decolog Who's Rich for the top lashes. The bottom lashes are Diamond Lash Natural eye from the purple tray.

The dark eye make up look makes these contact lenses stand out that extra bit more ^__- 

Kept my eyebrows light and lips nude to balance out the heavy eye make up!

Heavy contouring on nose and cheeks which turns out great in photos ^__^

I chose Candy Doll's carrot orange for my cheek colour, which I think works really well with this look!

Murua Tassel earrings X Murua 3 way shirt in White from Sakura Dreams

Look 2: Emoda - Elegant Mode

This is a similar look but I didn't contour as heavily as before.
The key difference here is the hair style which for this look is all about the soft curls. 

Even though the eye make up is almost the same as Look 1, for some reason the photos turned out looking cute... hahahah =__=

Murua necklace X Emoda Pearl Shirt in White from Sakura Dreams

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/5

These lenses were definitely not the most comfortable pair I've ever worn in my life.

 They didn't irritate my eyes or anything, but there were moments where they were a little bit dry or uncomfortable.
But generally, no issues on comfort!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/5
These lenses are definitely not natural looking lenses for everyday wear but they are perfect for achieving the sexy mode look!


❤ ❤ ❤/5

The enlargement effect is not pronounced with these lenses but I like it that way. Too much enlargement effect tends to make you look more cute, rather than the sexy mature look I was going for today ^__^

Overall I am very happy with these lenses, and highly recommend these lenses if you want to achieve the mode look! Love the colour pigmentation and how it lightens up your eye colour, especially if you originally have dark eye colour like mine!

Lens Village was also kind enough to sponsor me two pairs of lenses to give away so don't forget to join!

Hope you all found the review useful! What do you think of my new look? I'm in the process of changing my entire wardrobe and I can't wait to show you guys my new OOTDs =)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lens Village Giveaway!

Lens Village has kindly sponsored me two pairs of lenses for this giveaway!!

Two winners will be drawn where they will win a pair of contact lenses of their choice! (Excluding the brand Colourvue)

First time using the giveaway widget! Just follow the widget for instructions on how to enter!

Please put the banner below in your blog side bar for +2 entries ^__^

Good luck everyone!!

Contact lenses review sponsored by Lens Village coming up ^_^

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sakura Dreams Giveaway Winner

Sorry for not updating my blog! Been really busy lately! Started new job today and just had a long awesome Easter weekend ^__^

Going to just quickly announce the winner of my giveaway!

Winner of first prize: 50aud voucher to my online shop Sakura Dreams is...

Congrats Amy!

Two runners up winner of 20aud voucher is....

Congrats Chocola Bear


Nia Midford

Sending you girls an email now! 

Going to head to bed! Super tired because haven't been sleeping much lately =( LensVillage giveaway coming up soon!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fashion Coordinates ~ Mode-kei ON

Super long fashion coordinate post! Most items are from my online shop Sakura Dreams =)

First of all~ quick update on my life! Really loved my casual job as a make up artist and hair stylist at the photography studio! Met a lot of awesome clients and also did hair styling for two photo shoot sessions with professional models and photographer! Slowly building up my portfolio and hopefully will become a freelance make up artists for bridals or photo shoots.

Also starting a new full time job after Easter so yay, can't wait to start earning money again and therefore more shopping and holidays =P

Will be numbering the coordinates for easier commenting =)

If you have been following me on Twitter, you should probably know by now I'm really into Mode style now esp Shibuya 109 brands - Murua and Emoda! I swear my favourite blogger Cheesie have such a huge influence on my fashion and make up style >__<

So here is the new look I tried out last Saturday!

Outfit #1
Skirt: Forever 21
Ankle boots: Charles n Keith
Contact lenses: Adult brown kindly sponsored by Lens Village  (Review coming soon and also contact lens giveaway kindly sponsored by Lens Village is coming up after the current Sakura Dreams Giveaway ends!)

Outfit #2

Shoes: Liz Lisa

Love the Murua 3 way top! So versatile!!

Of course have to match my new Mode style with accessories!!

Haven't added these to my website yet but if you are interested please contact me for prices and information!

I absolutely love the Murua tassel earrings and the Mask feather earrings!! ❤❤❤

Really into these multilayered fashion jewellery! 

Just ordered more items from Emoda and Murua and I absolutely cannot wait for them! My excuse is.. I need more office clothes for my new job >__< Since I'm such a shopaholic I end up spending more money than I actually earn >.< Ah well...

Trying to move on from Liz Lisa but I really cannot resist some of the adorable pieces from the new 2012 Love Pasterine collection! 

So I got this piece for myself! 
Outfit #3

Absolutely in love with this dress!! I have a lot of the new pieces from Liz Lisa 2012 Love Pasterine in my shop and still many more to add over the next few days (assuming I'm not going to slack off >.<)

Outfit #4

And of course have to get myself the W❤C Tora Ribbon Sweater which I just adore! The purple one was sold out before it even finished restocking and I think even the cream one is sold out now. Only grey one left >__<

This sweater is definitely my favourite piece from W❤C so far!

Outfit #5

Another Tora (tiger) sweater from W❤C! I actually prefer the yellow one but I already got a yellow tora sweater from Dazzlin so decided to get grey! 

Also sell the pencil pants which is available in a lot of different colours but I haven't added it to my website yet! 27aud per pair, please contact me for details! Will try to add it soon!

The colour I am wearing below is Fuchsia

Outfit #6

Pencil pants in Wine Red (27aud)
Top bought from Doota in Seoul~

Outfit #7
Really love this outfit! Absolutely love the skirt >__< Mainly because of the colour! 

I haven't added the skirt to the website yet. If you would like to order, please contact me! Info is below!

Colours available in Red, Beige, Black
Price: 30aud
Size S, Waist measurement 70cm
Size M, Waist measurement 74cm

Outfit #8

Top bought from Doota in Seoul
Jeans is the popular Scawaii Bow jeans which is now available at Sakura Dreams!

Didn't realise this item was so popular til I was selling my old pair (too small for me) in my Closet sale!

Ok now I will be introducing some non Japanese branded clothes from my store. I haven't added them to my store yet but you can still contact me if you would like to purchase them. I'm really sorry but it's quite time consuming to organise all the photos to add to my website and I keep getting wrist cramps from over use of computer/photoshop  =(

Outfit #9
Trying for a more elegant look
Elegant layered lace dress: 57aud

Outfit #10

Black sheer peter pan collar top: 48aud
Really love this top, esp the peter pan collars! 

Outfit #11
Need to do some ironing on the skirt >.<
Beige Accordion 3/4 skirt: 46aud

Outfit #12

This is absolutely my favourite dress so far!! 
Beige Lotus Dress - 76aud

Look at all the flowing material =)

Ok and here are just some fashion coordinates not from my shop~

Outfit #13

 Haven't worn this out yet because the weather is not cool enough. Thinking about selling this dress though... I think it's too cute... trying to go for a more mature look now hahaha

Price is 42aud, let me know if you are interested =)

Outfit #14

Was going to add the red sweater to my shop but it was sold out >__< Can't wait to wear this when the weather gets cooler! I'm loving the bright lipstick red colour atm ^__^

Outfit #15

What I wore to work the other day! Top bought in HK almost 2 years ago but this is only the second time I have worn this top >__<

Outfit #16

Really like this outfit ^__^

Shoes are from Charles n Keith

Will be reviewing the new Dolly Wink Otona series which can also be purchased from Sakura Dreams!

The new glue is awesome! And my fav lashes so far is no. 10 and 13. I've tried all of them except for 12

Hope you enjoyed my long fashion post! Which outfit is your fav?

One more week til the Sakura Dreams Giveaway ends! Enter now and you will have a high chance of winning one 50aud voucher or 20aud voucher from my store ^__^