Thursday, June 14, 2012

Behind and in front of the camera ❤

Oh wow, I haven't written a proper post for more than a month! I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog, I've just been really busy with my personal life, especially now because I just started my new full time job!

A lot has been happening since I came back to Perth and I'm happy to say I've officially settled down! I took a make up course last year in April and after I received my certificate I left for Malaysia. I was really lucky when I came back to Perth and found a temp job almost straight away as a make up artist at a photo studio - Image Style Studio

I got involved behind the scenes on some modelling shoots with photographers and professional models and I even got in front of the camera and did some modelling myself! 

Behind the scenes.....

Setting up my station!

My work area!

Camwhoring before clients arrived =P

One of the photo studios~

Another day at work with some of my clients after I did their make up!

It's such a great feeling of accomplishment when I see that the clients are happy with my work ^__^ I had a lot of fun meeting and chatting with clients from all walks of life, hearing about their life stories etc. It was a great couple of weeks and it didn't feel like work at all because I had so much fun!

My MAC Haul for my make up kit~

My brush set <3

Pouch from Sigma ^__^ Brushes are from MAC, Napoleon and Sigma

Then I assisted my friends behind the scenes with professional models and helped style their hair!
Photographer is the talented Khenny C

All the models I worked with are sooo friendly and not to mention good looking! I had a lot of fun working behind the scenes!

Here's a photo of me with the "crew" ^__^ Models, photographer, hair stylist and make up artist ^_^

And then I got in front of the camera and did some modelling myself ^__^ 

All the photos are edited by the photographers themselves and I did not edit them at all, so all the photos are 100% their work!

Modelled for a friend's make up portfolio for the gyaru look =)

Make up and Hair by Jess Ferrelli
Photographer Christine K
Lashes were Dolly wink no. 10 (top) and no. 14 (bottom)

And then my boss from Image Style Studio asked me to model for Camera Club which is their photography club/work shop

The theme was Geisha
Make up by Me!

Yay, I finally had a chance to wear my yukata that I bought in Japan in 2008! I never had a chance to wear it til that day! One day I want to wear it to Tokyo Disneyland in Summer or to a hanami or a Japanese festival >__<

My hair looks really red because I dyed it the day before!

Photos below are taken by John Merl

He asked me to pose like this because he wanted to take photos of my colourful toenails hahaha

Nail polish is Tsubasa's Dolly Wink

And then he wanted me to pose with my blinged camera because it matched my yukata haha!

The photos below are taken by Robin Kennedy

My Best Friend was the other model

Really love this photo and it shows my make up pretty well ^__^

And the photos below are taken by Ross Wilson
His photos turned out really good and he sent me heaps =D

Really love the colour effects he uses ^__^

Yep I even bought matching fans and hair accessories in Japan ^_^

This is one of my fav!

The End~~~

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Hope you guys enjoyed my mini adventure in the photography and make up artist world! It was short but sweet and it was so much fun!