Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sakura, Tokyo, 2013!

I've been wanting to visit Japan during cherry blossom season since 2003! And this year, my dream will finally be realised!

Yes, that's right! I will be visiting Tokyo for the first two weeks of April for the cherry blossom season! Soon I will be taking photos like below with my own camera!!

Here are some of the things on the agenda for this trip:

Host Club
Maid Cafe
Butler Cafe
Cat Cafe
Ghibli Museum
Odaiba - Rainbow Bridge
Hot Springs
Sky Tree
Tokyo Tower
Do my hair and nails and spa!
Shopping shopping and more shopping - Emoda, Murua, Gyda, Resexxy, Lip Service, F&V and moreee!! Yeh, I will be living in Shibuya109! hahaha
Party and clubbing :)

Hmm.. I think I can fit them all in two weeks.. ^__^ and yes yes I will be blogging about EVERYTHING! And hosting a HUGE giveaway when I return! Please give me some idea for giveaway prizes, I will be buying them all in Tokyo :)

Giveaway will be hosted on my new collaboration blog, as well as most of my posts about this trip >>> MARINDALEIGH.COM

So please follow marindaleigh.com! I will be posting a lot of updates on my Marinda Leigh Facebook and Instagram  during my trip so please follow and stay in tuned!

*skips off excitedly*