Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Food in HK is pretty awesome too ^__^

So after I tortured you all with my Penang food post here's another food post on Hong Kong

Btw photos from facebook are not posted in my blog and photos from my blog are not posted on facebook since there's no point uploading the same pictures..Plus I have too many photos and this way I can divide them up!

Please don't ask me where to eat these stuff in HK cos I seriously have no idea because my bf's friends took us to all these places to eat

Ok here we go..

Arrived in HK around 7pm, went back to hotel to freshen up and headed down to Mongkok for some street food~

This is kind of like lala.. It's quite yummy! 

Oyster pancake, it was really nice because it was really hot and the weather is really cold! Because I usually have it in Penang and the weather is always hot -.-

煲仔飯 what is the english name.. claypot rice? I had frog legs and 鱔魚 eel of some sort..

Then we went for dessert.. some kind of milk like desert I forgot the name -.-;

Next day we had some fish ball noodle soup in Mongkok again.. yes I love that place.. I go there like literally everyday haha!

Then later met up with Jason and he took us to eat super spicy 米線 .. like vermicelli noodles?

This is garlic pork slices.. check out the garlic!

Spicy noodle dishes Jason and my bf ordered..

And 麻辣鳳抓 - spicy chicken feet  and seaweed for me because omg I cant eat any more so just ordered some side dishes! 

Didn't take any photos of food the next day because we ate whatever food in HK Disneyland then had take away Japanese in Sogo food court which was yummy but I forgot to take photos

Anyway the day after we went for Mos Burger because everyone said I had to try the one in Langham Palace in HK cos it's much better than MB in Sg..

I thought it was ok... But the chicken burger in Penang is wayyy better!

Wonton Noodles for dinner at 6pm..

Then at 10pm we went to eat again -.-; Pizza hut!  and ordered a LOT >.<

Told you it was a lot -.-!

And then we went to Jordan to eat more desert -.- Mmm Yummy!

I love this! Sesame desert..doesn't look that nice I know.. 

Yeh I think we ate a LOT that day omg.. my bf and his friends are crazy...I can barely keep up >.<

Food photos below are all taken with my new camera so much better quality =)

Next day went for lunch with my cousin and Auntie at a Shanghai restaurant in TST near Holiday Inn

It was quite nice we ordered some soup, fish and 辣子雞 (Spicy chicken)

Then later met up with Vincent to eat Japanese fast food... I just had miso soup cos I was still full -.-;

It was quite nice for Japanese fast food!

Then we went to the Peak and went to Wan Zai or was it Causeway Bay to eat this.. which is my fav food so far in HK - 車仔面!Urm.. What's the english name.. 

Curry Fish Balls

My 車仔面!You get a slip and you fill out what kind of noodles, meat and veggies you want, how spicy you want it etc. so it's very customised! And it was super nice! I ate everything!

After that of course we went for desert again! Lol the Honkies love their desert and so do I ^__^

桂花糕 which I quite like because it reminds me of my childhood. It's like a jelly made with a kind of edible flower.. I've never seen the flower in Aus.. and I used to have this flower tree in my backyard in China and I actually wrote an essay in year 2 about it and I got to read it out in front of the class because well.. I guess it was pretty good hehe (omg stop blabbing already -.-)

On the right is red bean soup with.. stuff in it.. Omg I'm so bad with my food descriptions.. I guess I won't ever make it as a food blogger or anything (not that I want to.. haha)

This is like one of my fav desert in HK and you guys must try it! They should have this in most Hk desert shops.. it's called 木糠布丁.. Mu Hong Pudding..? I dunno -.-

It's like a cheesecake and an ice cream cake decide to make babies and produced this haha @.@ and it's super nice!

Next day spent all day in Macau and came back to Hk for midnight supper! Just in a random tea cafe in HK Island

I had chicken fried udon which was nice and my bf had some.. meat with noodle thingy...and I didn't take photos of what the others had..

Then we went to Taipei for four days and came back for HK for one more day before leaving

I went to meet up with my friend Simon who took me to eat yummy Jap food in TST

We were going to go eat seafood buffet but it was all booked out =(

For sashimi lovers, this is super nice! It's fresh because I think they just cut it directly from the fish and served it! It took frikkin long to get ready but it was worth it

And we had some 串燒 like Yakitori etc

Mushroom + Sweet potato

Leek and Chicken

Then went for desert (of course!)

This is that Mu Hong pudding I was telling you about, it looks diff here because of the way they packaged it?

Some sorta pudding paste thingy in eggs

It was nice ^___^

And last meal before the plane!

Famous Hk milk tea where the ice goes on the outside not the inside of the tea!

My bf's dish... It was yummy!

But I went there for the 燒味~ Roast goose and Char siew~ mmm It was soo nice! I had a lot of this last time in HK and I almost forgot to go eat it this time, lucky my bf's friends took us before we went on the plane =)

So yeh did a LOT more eating this time in HK~ Thanks to my bf's friends who pretty much spent everyday with us taking us to eat and shop etc

Food in HK is good if you know where to go, they have like everything there! Jap, Korean, Thai etc but not really much authentic HK cuisine, just a mix of everything! But must try their deserts when you visit HK cos it's all super yummy esp since I love desert as well ^__^

That's all for now.. have fun drooling ^__^

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