Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sydney in a Nutshell~

Just uploaded all the photos from the Sydney trip from my phone and camera to my laptop so decided to post a short but sweet entry and call it a day =P

Start off with two touristy photos that says "HA! Proof I've been to Sydney! (>.<")"

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

It's not that great but it's probably really nice at night.. But I didn't bother go check it out at night time.. too cold -.-!!

 Rilakkuma isle at Kinokuniya!

where I bought the latest issues of Popteen and Scawaii and Rilakkuma earphones! 

My dog chewed up my Rila earphones that I bought in Japan AND my iphone earphones... So I bought this one.. can you believe that it's 65aud? Super rip off but I totally need this! *rational thinking* Also bought an adorable Rilakkuma mug for my bestie who also loves Rilakkuma ^__^ I mean who doesnt?! 

Didn't photoshop this photo so you can see the bags under my eyes >.< eww! This is where I tried the carrot orange & strawberry pink candy doll blush mixed together for that really nice peachy blush colour ^__^

Outfit shot! With my new Burberry scarf! Remember I lost mine in Hong Kong in Feb which I was so upset about!! But my darling bought me a new one in Milan for our 3 year anniversary in April! 

Food was really good in Sydney! That was my favourite part in Sydney since I didn't do much shopping

And my purchase at the YSL counter at Myers on the last day which I will be blogging about! 

Touche Eclat in no. 8 - Apparently this is a new colour for asian skin tone! 

Will be mainly using this as a highlighter but I think it works pretty well at concealing eye bags

A lot of reviews say this doesn't work really well as a concealer but I used it today and I think it's quite good!

And omg my new favourite lipstick!!! I saw this lipstick in the new issue of Popteen and it's a fav amongst all the Popteen models and I went and bought it the next day =.= Do I get sucked in by advertisement or what? 

But it's sooo worth it!!!

Will definitely do a review on these two babies later!

That's it for now! Will do a proper blog post on Sydney later focusing on where to eat mainly cos that was the highlight of my trip! HAHAH

Going to Melbourne next week! Can't wait ^___^!


  1. lovely pics*v*
    Now I wanna visit sydney! ^^

  2. i want to visit syndex too :3
    i think you look really pretty, and the rilakkum is cute X3

  3. I would love to visit Australia someday.... but all the horror stories of gigantic bugs and trapdoor spiders running after people or catching birds in people's front lawn scares me x__x LOL

    Ohh the food looks so yummy! That's why I want to be able to travel someday, just to try all the hidden delicacies throughout the world :D Guhhh, this post is making me hungry! *tummy grumble* x.x

    I think Michelle Phan uses that same YSL concealer! I'd totally love to get my hands on it to try, but I can't afford to spend a lot of money on makeup <333 And what eye circles?? It just looks like a subtle shadow, I'm jealous actually! Can't wait for you next post~ I'll be sure to have tons of food to munch on while I'm reading though :33

  4. Thanks Choco-chan ^__^

    Katie: Awww I love reading your comments! When you decide to visit Aus come find me! I'll be living in Melbourne in a few months! Hehehe And no there isnt much gigantic bugs and the spiders don't run after you and on the *rare* occasion you see a dead bird on the road but that's abt it

    Yah the food is yummy! Gona do a proper post next on the food and shopping in sydney ^__^

    Ive been wanting to get the Touche eclat for a long time cos d Jap mags kept recommending it but I held back cos i thought it was like $95 and there was mixed reviews

    but I decided to splurge cos it was actually $55 plus of the new *asian skin tone* colour that just got released ^___^


  5. yep i LOVE IT its so pigmented! im gona do a proper review soon!

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