Monday, September 12, 2011

Minimaos Haul and Review

Happy Moon Festival Everyone!

I've officially started work last Monday so I've been busy and tired and basically lazy to blog so I'm really sorry for the lack of updates >__<

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I've received my sponsored pair of Hyper puffy in pink to review and I will post that up 
asap! ^__^

So today I want to show you guys my haul from I knew about this shop because they are Cheesie's fashion sponsor and they sell a lot of Shibuya 109 branded clothing! I bought a 40cm Duffy bear from them before but this is the first time I've bought clothes from them so I want to share my experience with you all.

My Minimaos Haul...

Scawaii cute bow denim jeans in Blue - RM139 (divide by three to get rough AUD/USD price)

This is the photo that made me fall in love with these jeans!

I really like the design even though my bestie hates it >__< Oh well I still bought it anyway!

My thoughts on the jeans
I'm a size 6 in Australia and I was recommended size 27 because they recommend to go a size bigger to be safe. I don't know if it's all the eating in Penang and I got fat or what but the jeans are a bit tight on me =( Still wearable but I feel the knots of the bows are digging into my leg so I'm slightly upset about that. So if you want to buy these jeans please be really careful when picking the size! Other than that I think the quality of the jeans is quite decent and I love the unique design!

Laguna Moon Laced shirt at RM139

These shirts where they are short at the front and long at the back are super popular right now especially in ViVi mags and I had to get myself one!

Me wearing Laguna moon laced shirt with the Scawaii bow denim~ matching it with my LV belt ^__^

Review on the shirt:
It's see through ish which is kinda troublesome because I have to wear an inner shirt but I guess you can see from the promo picture that this shirt is suppose to be sheer. The quality is pretty good overall but I'm not 100% convinced that this is real Laguna moon even though I've never seen real Laguna Moon pieces. Maybe it's because they are straight from the factories because there are some loose threads from the sleeves. But overall I'm quite happy with this piece!

WC Kumatan border T shirt - RM109

I really love this piece! I think this is probably my favourite out of the haul! It's funny because I decided to add this item in at the last minute

Wearing it with my new liz lisa suspender shorts

With my Scawaii bow denim

With my WC shorts I bought from

My Review: I think the price is decent if this is real. From the quality of the t-shirt I really do believe it is real! This is my first red striped t-shirt. I love the bright red colour and it's so easy to coordinate! I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this piece!

Liz Lisa Suspender shorts from Autumn 2011 collection - RM159
Liz Lisa Cream Blouse from Autumn 2011 collection - RM139
which I blogged about here
Liz Lisa shorts in Pink from 2010 Spring collection (I think?) on sale for RM59

Review on Suspender shorts
These shorts make your legs look really long because it rides up really high (lucky they are shorts lol) but sometimes it might look a bit awkward if it rides up too high so I have to pull it down from time to time. I was really happy that they sold items from the latest Liz Lisa collection even if it's only these two pieces.

However, out of all my hauls I'm most disappointed with the Liz Lisa blouse. I've bought authentic Liz Lisa items from the Taiwan and HK Liz Lisa shops in Sogo and they are of really high quality. I find the Liz Lisa items are not that high of quality. I've emailed minimaos asking about the authenticity of the liz lisa items and they insist that it is real and that they are straight out of the Liz Lisa factories hence there are no liz lisa tags.

I was most disappointed with the blouse because it's see through!!

Real Liz Lisa items will 100% have an inner lining and not have this see through problem. Only low quality clothes will have this problem because they are too lazy/expensive to have an inner lining and now I have to make sure I wear an inner piece with the blouse which is kinda troublesome. 

I don't have anything bad to say about the pink Liz Lisa shorts since they were on sale and RM59 is a really good deal! I've wanted these liz lisa shorts for a long time and they were sold out in Princess House when I went to HK in Feb and I could've ordered them in but it would've costed me around 50aud so I decided not to buy it.

Though I'm not sure about the authenticity of this item either but I don't really mind since the quality is good and I got it for such a good price! The only down thing about this is that they are a bit tight on me >__< These shorts and the bow denim make me feel fat but they are new clothes so I can't really say for certain that it's because I've gained weight lol..

New Liz lisa cream blouse and shorts

Snidel cropped floral blouse at RM139

I never buy any green or blue clothes but I don't know why I really like the green floral patterns on this top. It's a bit hard to match because it's cropped but I thought it was perfect to match it with my new skirt also bought from

Review on this piece: I think it's a bit pricey for a sheer cropped see through top but the quality is quite good so I think in the end it's worth it!

Miu Miu inspired Vintage heels in beige - RM119

Omg I've been wanting to get my hands on a pair of shoes like this for a long time!! They are super popular right now in the gyaru world! You can remove the heel straps.

Review on these shoes:
I'm normally a size 36 but I ordered a size 37 to be safe. I don't usually order shoes online because I'm so scared about comfort and quality but I just had to buy these because I can't find these shoes anywhere else. Surprising they were comfortable and good quality but the colour was darker than I expected. It's very close to your skin colour. I haven't worn these shoes out yet so I can't comment too much on the comfort but I've worn it for 30minutes or so when taking photos for this post and it was really comfortable!

Overall review on minimaos:

Delivery: 5/5 I was really happy with the delivery! I got free delivery because I live in Malaysia. They sent out the liz lisa shorts to me first because it was instock and the rest came in within a week! Really pleased with their service!

Quality and Price: Most of the items was good quality, however all the items was quite expensive averaging around 45aud. For that price you can get some pretty good quality clothes especially in Asia so I guess my expectation was quite high for the products. I'm pretty happy with all the purchased items except the see through liz lisa blouse. 

Authenticity: They claim that all their branded clothes are authentic but I'm a bit doubtful about this. There are a lot of online shops in China taobao that sells these Shibuya 109 branded clothes claiming they are real but a lot of them are not. Or they are very good imitations. If you really care about the authenticity of the products then I suggest you use shopping services instead but of course the price will be much higher. However if you are happy to take the risk or don't really care about authenticity as long as quality is good then I would recommend minimaos.

Overall thoughts:
I'm really happy with the service but I just thought some stuff is a bit expensive for their quality. If you don't really mind the price then I would recommend minimaos because they sell a lot of really nice Shibuya 109 branded clothes. 

Ok I'll finish off this post with some camwhore shots of me wearing my new clothes =P

 I apologise in advance if I don't update as often as I used to. Hope everyone will understand and will continue reading and supporting my blog <33


  1. hi yuki!!
    omg~ that bow jeans~
    I saw lotsa them wearing it
    cheesie, audrey, qiuqiu~ it is really famous now!
    I saw zhi zhi got the same pump like yours~~ =D

  2. Really love the suspender shorts. And the jeans look great on you eventhough you said they were tight. :)

  3. I wanted to buy a blouse from minimaos once, but unfortunately postage was so expensive, like twice the price of the blouse itself!
    I always see such cute things on the website, but I know a lot of the items wouldn't fit. I mean if it looks lovely and nice-fitting on Chessie, I sure as hell wouldn't be able to squeeze into anything.
    I love your shoes, I bought a very similar pair from ASOS, but had to return them.

  4. i've always been tempted to buy from mimimaous! but the price was a little exxy so i always held back!

    thanks for the honest review, its great to hear another side apart from cheesies usual adverts. ><

  5. @Jace hahah yeh I know! the more reason to by it got sucked in by all the advertisements lol! But yeh bit upset that my bow jeans is a bit tight on me =( boo!

    @Frankie Thanks dear >__< But the bow kinda digs into my leg =( I love the suspender shorts too =)

    @Joey Yeh international postage is a bitch =( That's why I waited til I moved to msia to buy their stuff and it's still quite expensive even with free postage >__< Aww how come you had to return ur shoes?

    @amanda No worries! Yeh everything looked really good on Cheesie and I guess that's why I had reallly high expectations for this shop esp since their prices are not cheap so I was a bit disappointed on the quality. Of course it's all good for her cos she get them for free and for those styles and quality of course its really good for free >__< I just have a bit of problem with the price vs quality thing that's all >.<;;

  6. really cute haul, I love the suspender shorts but shame most of the stuff are expensive

  7. OMG. Those jeeeeeans <3 I say Cindy selling them.. Super tempted to get them. They look GREAT on you!! Are they really.. revealing on the side though? haha.. Ah, I was going to buy new lenses from cosme eyes after I won your giveaway last time .. but my eyesight changed recently and they don't have my prescription T_____T" So cheap too~ I love all your clothes. They're so cute! Esp the puffy shorts :3

  8. Zomg I love your haul ! Also happy with your honest review becoz I wanted to order from minimaos soon XD

  9. Great haul! I love a lot of the things you picked - like the jeans, moon lace top, and Liz Lisa shorts. They look super cute on you! I haven't heard of this site before but their clothes look really cute. Too bad they're not all authentic brands though :/

  10. Hi there! Chanced upon your blog and just want to ask how are the heels so far? Are they comfortable to walk in? And did the size fit true? Cause I'm thinking of getting a pair too. =)

  11. @Jen I think they are not too revealing it's like wearing short shorts. Aww yeh cosme eyes got a lot of really nice new stock now! Maybe you an still go for prescription that's one step down? I like the liz lisa shorts too ^__^

    @xixi glad you found the review useful =)

    @Rinny Thanks! I love the clothes too! Just slightly disappointed at some of the quality and the not sureness of whether they are authentic or not =(

    @Sylvia Hey babe~ I'm usually a 36 but I picked 37 just to be safe
    I worn the heels out once and omg they KEPT SLIPPING OFF! really frustrating! So i had to get padding and stuff =( Prob I'd recommend to get the exact size of what you are but I can't 100% say it's right because I never tried the 36 so wouldn't know if it would be a perfect fit. But yeh 37 is too big for me >___<

  12. Thanks babe! Hope they fit better after the insoles and all. =)

  13. I think the Liz Lisa blouse is supposed to be like that. I saw the model picture closer and I could see through the blouse (a bit).

  14. I bought a couple Liz Lisa blouses actually in the Liz Lisa store in Harajuku Tokyo..It's a very similar design to your one actually..And I've gotta say I was shocked how see through it was. They convinced me to buy one of their pink camisole tops to go under it(You get them slightly cheaper if you spend over a certain amount)..Maybe thats why they do it? To make you buy their camisoles too?

  15. The Liz Lisa suspender shorts is most definitely fake. Look at the buttons...totally different from the original ones. The pattern on your Snidel cropped floral blouse is also different from the original. It's much safer to buy from Liz Lisa online and use a forwarding service to send your items to you...