Monday, January 30, 2012

W❤C Brown Sweater


W❤C Brown Kumatan Sweater

Length of Garment - 55cm, Bust area - 96-106cm, Shoulder - 48cm, Sleeve length - 55cm

Colour Available: Brown

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sakura Dreams now OPEN

My interest in Gyaru (GAL) fashion started since 2010 June. For the past 1.5years I have built up quite a collection of gyaru cosmetics and lashes and now most of my wardrobe consist of gyaru brands such as Liz Lisa, WC and more!

Living in Perth, Australia I know how difficult it is to get your hands on these gyaru cosmetics and apparel! Shopping from Japanese websites via personal shopper is quite expensive and you end up paying 120-150aud+++ just for a top =___=;;

So the main purpose to open up Sakura Dreams is because I want to make gyaru fashion and cosmetics available at an affordable price to not only fellow Australians but also to the rest of the world.

I know there are already a LOT of online shops that sells gyaru cosmetics such as Dolly Wink and Candy doll etc. but I want to try and make my prices as reasonable as possible. So that is why I have the "Price match" policy! I will consider matching the prices if you find the exact same product in another webstore. For more info on price matching click HERE.

As for gyaru apparel such as Liz Lisa, Snidel, W❤C, Rosebullet etc., my stock are sourced straight from the factories. So these apparel are the same material, workmanship as the original apparel sold at the retail stores minus all the overhead costs! That is why I am able to sell them for much cheaper than the prices sold at retail shops and official online stores.

Right now I have two promotions happening!

Promotion #1
Store opening sale: 10% discount on everything excluding cosmetics

Offer ends 15th Feb 2012!

Promotion #2
Due to popular demands of the new Otona Dolly Wink series, they were sold out straight away when the first batch of stock came in! Now the supplier is restocking again and new stock will arrive around the 10th of Feb!

Normally I don't do any discounts or promotions for cosmetics but because I feel really bad that my customers have to wait for the new stock, I decided to have a promotion just for the new Dolly Wink lashes!

18aud instead of 19aud on all Otona Dolly Wink lashes
Offer ends 10th Feb 2012

!!Recommended buys!!

Dolly Wink Limited Edition packs! 



Please note these limited edition packs are limited stock and once they are sold out, they will not be restocked since they are not in production anymore!


Preppy Coordinate 4 Piece set - Cardigan, Check skirt, Shirt and Bow for one price of $79.00

This is an inspired version made with good quality materials and workmanship. 

Cardigan: white/red/blue

Original LDS Set comes in a maroon red, our red is a bright red colour

Shirt: Pink + blue bow, Blue + red bow

Check Skirt: Green/Red/Brown


Most in demand piece from Rosebullet this season!
Available in Pink and Mint Green

You will get 3 pieces - Rabbit fur top, headband and lace shorts

Material: Rabbit Fur

!!Low Stock!!
If you have your eyes on any of the items below, please do no hesitate anymore because they are very low in stock and will be sold out any minute!


Must have shoes from Liz Lisa's Autumn/Winter collection! I got myself the wine/bourdeaux colour! The beige one are almost sold out, only available in size 34.

Socks are from Tsubasa's S Leg collection which I will be selling but haven't had time to put it up yet ^__^;


Available in Yellow and Grey
I actually really wanted this in Yellow but since I already bought the Dazzlin Tora Sweater in Yellow I end up getting this one in grey!

Sorry no modelling photos yet. Really love and recommend this sweater though! Really baggy and great for Autumn/Winter! 


This piece only have 2 more in stock the last time I checked so will be sold out any moment! 

One of my fav t-shirts and goes really well with high waist shorts ^__^

This is one of my absolute fav pieces from Liz Lisa's Autumn/Winter collection!
I even bought the skirt in the same style ^__^

And below are pictures of me modelling some more apparel items from Sakura Dreams ^__^ Some items are not yet up on my website so I will update this later with the links once they are up! However they are ready to order, just email me with the name of the item if you don't want to wait til it is up on my website ^__^

Inner shirt: Liz Lisa Tank top with tie - 29AUD
Skirt: Liz Lisa (not for sale)

with Red Snidel Sweater (not for sale)

Shoes: Miu Miu Inspired Pumps - Beige 42AUD

Skirt: Liz Lisa skirt bought at Sogo HK not for sale

Love this shirt! And it got cute ribbons on the back!

And love the baggy sleeves! This shirt is see through so must wear a tank top or boob tube underneath!

My fav part about this top is the back!

Love the cute bow and the hole in the back hehe

And ending this post with a Liz Lisa outfit taking in Guang Zhou wearing my new Liz Lisa boots and Liz Lisa set  - Sweater with a spagetti strap dress inside.

I'm actually REALLY Disappointed with the sweater because it sheds fur like MAD! The fur was getting into my eyes and sticking to my lenses and it was flying everywhere!!  I swear if someone that was allergic to animals or fur was near be, they would be sneezing like mad!

So I thought dry cleaning it would help. IT DIDN'T! So I tried washing it and hoping the fur would come off. BAD MOVE! When the sweater dried, the shape went all weird! It got stretched horizontally and shrunk vertically! I was really mad because I paid 100aud +++ for this! 

But it still looks alright when wore but I'm just really disappointed because I expected all Liz Lisa items be top quality stuff =( Esp since I bought this from the proper retail store -___-

Anyway mad love for the boots! Set me back around 120aud (around 1000hkd). But omg it was sooo damn comfortable!! I wore it to clubbing twice! And walked around in them for a whole day! But I think they got a bit dirty/scratched during my holiday because I wore them so much -__- I didn't bring many shoes on my trip >.<

Love the bow on the back

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